Who inspires and impresses you? Who should receive this year's RSM Distinguished Alumni Awards? The three awards – for business achievement, entrepreneurial spirit and social impact – will be presented to outstanding alumni at the RSM Leadership Summit on Friday 7 October. Read the stories from our nine nominees, be inspired and vote for your favourite candidates.

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Business Achievement

Christine Lim

As an innovative leader, Christine is passionate about bringing more women into technology and early-stage investing worldwide. Her 10+ years of experience in Silicon Valley has prompted her to support for-profit social ventures with causes that she is passionate about. With that, Christine has shown how women can empower themselves financially and to be proactive in building a better community – in the USA and beyond. “Every time someone tells me that what I want to do is impossible, it further drives me to prove them wrong,” she says. Read more >>

Monique Jagmohansingh

Using a solid base of strategic and international business knowledge gave Monique the knowledge, skills, motivation and network to find her dream job in luxury marketing and developing herself to be a top achieving high potential. “I admire people who challenge the status quo, dare to dream big and are able to inspire the people around them,” she says. “I’m driven forward by the excitement of exploring new territories, pushing my boundaries and hopefully being able to have a positive impact on others.” Read more >>

Gagandeep Sethi

To be an effective leader, your key behaviours and competencies must include focus and determination, intelligence, willingness to work hard, get things done well, trustworthiness, collaboration and empathy, says Gagandeep. “At a professional level, success means exceeding the target which I set out to achieve. It could be a quality-of-output target or a goal-related one to support the development path of a team member.” On a personal level, Gagandeep says success is about “finding balance, meaning and fulfilment with my family and friends.” Read more >>

Entrepreneurial Spirit

Merilee Karr

With a good idea in mind – one that came to her when travelling to Switzerland, Cuba and Colombia – Merilee Karr decided to start her own business after 13 years of corporate work at Shell. Launched in 2014, UnderTheDoormat is an innovative twist on the “sharing economy”, and is staffed, thriving, and poised to grow.   “I’m passionate about creating and building a business and a brand providing an experience that customers love,” says Merilee. UnderTheDoormat presents a curated collection of homes with personality and character in London for travellers to rent for business or holiday.  Read more >>

Roos de Wit-Goedhart

Roos de Wit-Goedhart started her enterprise three years ago with one goal; to unite academics worldwide. Now, Study Tours designs, organises and delivers tailor-made and high-quality study tours on any topic for groups of participants with a university degree to educate, inspire and challenge participants worldwide. “I get energy from the people around me; family, friends and the people I work with,” says Roos, adding that her role models are her mother and RSM Professor Dianne Bevelander. “RSM has taught me to think critically and aim for the things I find important in life,” she says. Read more >>

Social Impact

Debby van der Schuit

Debby found a unique way of combining her personal needs with her managerial and business mindset. Her approach pushed the boundaries of the health care industry and the political spectrum because she has brought to the fore the role and responsibilities of carers for siblings with a disability. “RSM made me shine in a way I hadn’t thought I could. I now know that the key to success is to start a project before you feel ready,” says Debby. “Before making a documentary I didn’t know I could actually do it. I didn’t have all the elements figured out but I decided that what I knew at that point was enough to make the first steps towards reaching the end goal.”

Frans Broeders

Frans Broeders' conviction to invest into creating social impact in the food industry sets a great example and inspiration to anyone who desires to create a more sustainable future, says his nominator, full-time MBA student Cheng-Fu Chang.  With his organisation Deterra, Frans foresees the transition of the food value chain from offline to online, and the growing need for sustainable food. Deterra simplifies the food industry value chain and ultimately boosting share of value for farmers while reducing waste in the food supply chain. “I want to pursue my personal mission and ambition by utilising and further developing my talents to the maximum,” says Frans. “Success is all about making a difference in the lives of others.” Read more >>

Marc van Rooij

Marc van Rooij works as independent strategy consultant for national and international clients. He has worked all over the international business world; London, Brussels, New York, Vancouver, Amsterdam, South Pacific and Paris. He puts effort into others so they can succeed, says his nominator Harrold Kuiper, who says Van Rooij ‘lives coming from possibility instead of dwelling on adversity.’ Kuiper also mentions Van Rooij’s persistence, and his abilities of keeping communications open, and convincing stakeholders. “He remains calm, with a firm focus on the target and the outcome. He just never gives up.” Read more >>

Vincent Kneefel

Vincent Kneefel dedicates his life to making a difference in climate change issues, particularly ocean conservation. He has managed to impact this cause using his education, business acumen and creativity, in a multitude of corporate and personal projects. Being an activist at heart, Vincent used his RSM education to find a unique path that allowed him to channel his energy and beliefs where impact is strongest, through business management and leadership. “I feel passionate and successful when I can make a positive impact on our planet, while being in or around the ocean and spending time with the people I care about,” Vincent says. “My passion for the ocean and nature really drive me forward.”  Read more >>