Frans Broeders

Frans Broeders

Executive MBA, 2004
‘s Hertogenbosch, the Netherlands
Founder and owner of Deterra
Nominated by RSM student Cheng-Fu Chang

Digitising the food industry value chain to reduce waste

Frans Broeders' conviction to invest into creating social impact in the food industry sets a great example and inspiration to anyone who desires to create a more sustainable future, says his nominator Cheng-Fu Chang, who worked with Frans on an MBA seminar on sustainable food venture creation.

Frans was first inspired to make the food supply chain more sustainable when working for a market leader in European fresh meat in the UK. He realised that the mass distribution model of the food industry supply chain is rife with wastage and inefficiency, and that the food industry is due for a digital revolution in the UK and other major markets.

Linking farmers and consumers

With his organisation Deterra, Frans foresees the transition of the food value chain from offline to online, and the growing need for sustainable food. Deterra simplifies the food industry value chain by creating a direct link between farmers and end consumers, and ultimately boosting share of value for farmers while giving consumers access to local, high-quality food and reducing waste in the food supply chain.

Frans says RSM taught him to think and live in the future. Nominator Chang agrees: “Frans do not simply sit on his insight collected over a successful international career, Frans turns his experience into an inspiring vision and also sets out to turn his vision into reality.”

Sustainable development in agro food

Frans’ start-up Deterra was finalist in Best Entrepreneurs Vision, and awarded as to be one of the food trends for 2016 by consumer magazine Delicious. Deterra received the agro food award of Dutch province Noord-Brabant in June 2016. The agro food award is granted to companies that walk ahead in innovation and sustainable development of agro food, and contribute to making this region one of the most sustainable and innovative agro food regions of Europe.

As a public speaker, Frans shares his knowledge and perspectives about new business models, e-commerce, entrepreneurship, start-ups, sustainability, strategy, operations, agro and food at various universities and news channels in Western Europe, including BNR Newsradio, Erasmus University, NOS news, Connected Future Conference, and Retail Safari.

“I want to pursue my personal mission and ambition by utilising and further developing my talents to the maximum,” says Frans. “Success is all about making a difference in the lives of others.”