Gagandeep Sethi

Gagandeep Sethi

Dutch (born in India)
International Full-time MBA, 2010
Amsterdam, the Netherlands
Vice-president at Liberty Global
Nominated by fellow alumnus Ranga Bashyam

Exceeding targets by blending local and international business

Gagandeep Sethi’s achievements in the entertainment market span from media production to strategy consulting. As a leader, Gagandeep’s goal is to analyse commercial performance and trends and help his company market and sell the right combination of connectivity and entertainment propositions attractive to its customers. “I want to empower consumers to discover and experience the possibilities of the digital world via our products,” he says.

Shaping economic relations

According to his nominator, fellow alumnus Ranga Bashyam, Gagandeep truly reflects the quintessential qualities of a good leader. “Gagandeep can take on any business function and create growth in roles of increasing responsibility and people leadership. You can see this in his career path – from news production, strategy and M&A consulting, to now a senior position in a leading multinational telecom company.”

Ranga says he can imagine Gagandeep growing into more significant roles shaping economic relations between the Netherlands and Europe and developing nations like India. “Gagandeep’s success in the European markets shows his ability to blend locally while bringing the learning of developing nations,” says Ranga, adding that Gagandeep is even keen to pick up local languages to be closer to customers and teams across the globe.

Multinational team excellence

Gagandeep says RSM taught him diversity, teamwork and excellence. “I saw first-hand how people from different backgrounds, experiences and cultures would work together and bring unique perspectives and innovative solutions to challenges,” says Gagandeep, adding that he applies this every day at work when working alongside a multinational team to tackle their business challenges with excellence.

“At a professional level, success means exceeding the target which I set out to achieve,” says Gagandeep, adding this is not always a financial target. “It could be a quality-of-output target or a goal-related one to support the development path of a team member.” On a personal level, Gagandeep says success is about “finding balance, meaning and fulfilment with my family and friends.”

“An electrifying influence”

To be an effective leader, your key behaviours and competencies must include focus and determination, intelligence, willingness to work hard, get things done well, trustworthiness, collaboration and empathy, says Gagandeep. Nominator Ranga Bashyam says Gagandeep possesses these skills, and uses them to be “an electrifying influence who inspires you to believe in yourself and live the RSM core values of integrity, and making an impact on the world. He’s sure to make us proud!”