Monique Jagmohansingh

Monique Jagmohansingh

MSc International Management/CEMS, 2008 and BSc IBA, 2005
Dubai, United Arab Emirates
Commercial manager Gucci Middle East Africa at Procter & Gamble
Nominated by fellow alumnus Ashika Ramadhin

Developing and launching new global luxury products

By combining her bicultural background and talents, Monique Jagmohansingh has been able to develop business for a top fast-moving consumer goods and luxury goods company in growing key – yet challenging – markets internationally by the age of 31.

Intellectual and emotional intelligence

“This indicates that she is able to achieve much more in the future,” says her nominator Ashika Ramadhin, who also studied at RSM. “Monique is so talented that she surpassed other Procter & Gamble employees, having been promoted to the European headquarters and now to regional commercial manager in the Middle East and Africa. With her high intellectual and emotional intelligence, she can deliver a wide variety of results in global design and development in these regions.”

One of Monique’s biggest achievements when working for Procter & Gamble in Geneva was developing and launching the new cosmetics line for Gucci, and managing the delivery of Gucci beauty products globally.

‘Opportunities don’t just happen’

“Nothing is impossible if you set your mind to it,” says Monique. “Success is a journey defined by trying, failing, persisting, growing and eventually achieving those goals you’ve set for yourself. Opportunities don't happen, you create them.”

Monique said RSM offered her the chance to connect with “an amazing group of diverse and passionate people.” She added that she has always been impressed by the accomplishments of her classmates and professors. “Being in such an environment has helped me to push myself to the max, allowing me to bring out the best of myself.”

Pushing boundaries

Using this solid base of strategic and international business knowledge gave Monique the knowledge, skills, motivation and network to find her dream job in luxury marketing and developing herself to be a top achieving high potential.

“I admire people who challenge the status quo, dare to dream big and are able to inspire the people around them,” she says. “I’m driven forward by the excitement of exploring new territories, pushing my boundaries and hopefully being able to have a positive impact on others.”