Vincent Kneefel

Vincent Kneefel

MSc Global Business & Stakeholder Management, 2011 and BSc IBA, 2010
West Palm Beach, USA
Senior consultant at Accenture
Nominated by Anjeni Ramtaha, fellow alumnus

Protecting the ocean through consulting and photography

Vincent Kneefel dedicates his life to making a difference in climate change issues, particularly ocean conservation. He has managed to impact this cause using his education, business acumen and creativity, in a multitude of corporate and personal projects.

Human impact on animals

With his underwater photography book Giants of the Caribbean, which captured large marine species at various levels of risk of extinction, Vincent aims to create appreciation for the ocean, and awareness for the human impact on biodiversity and ecosystems.

Being an activist at heart, Vincent used his RSM education to find a unique path that allowed him to channel his energy and beliefs where impact is strongest, through business management and leadership. During his academic research, Vincent grabbed the opportunity to extend his goals past the typical professional path by playing a key role in the initiation and organisation of Rotterdam World Ocean Day at RSM.

Equating profitability with sustainability

“I feel passionate and successful when I can make a positive impact on our planet, while being in or around the ocean and spending time with the people I care about,” Vincent says. “My passion for the ocean and nature really drive me forward.”

Vincent’s professional career focuses on strategy consulting, equating profitability with sustainability, and holding leading companies accountable to high standards. Through his work at Accenture, the United Nations Global Compact and as a WEF Global Shaper Member, Vincent improves environmental sustainability through CSR, clean technology and business strategy for Fortune 500 companies. He’s also undertaking multiple social enterprises to advance sustainability to mainstream.

Merging passion with career

“Vincent has truly accomplished what few of us can: merging passion with career and creating impact,” says his nominator and spouse Anjeni Ramtahal, who met Vincent when studying at RSM.

She says one of Vincent’s major accomplishments is Accenture’s sponsorship of his photography book, and its distribution to the Accenture Netherlands’ top 200 clients. McKinsey & Company was also impressed and awarded Vincent with a grant for his Giants of the Caribbean project in 2011. In 2014, Vincent was nominated as one of 100 most influential young sustainability professionals in the Netherlands by DJ100.