Full-time MBA Class of 2006

Full-time MBA Class of 2006

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Bruno Aguiar
Sung-Eun Bae
Heeseok Baek
Michael Bingel
Cesar Castrat
Amy (Bing) Chen
Daniel Chi
Dany Chung Chee Cheong
John Dooly
Boris Eliasson
Yoshizumi Hatakeyama
Cecile Houndegla
Peng-Tzu Huang
Victor Hurtado Aguilar
Evgenia Koleva
Jenny (Chen-Hua) Lee
Dave Lipp
Rutger Mans
Adnan Mirza
Alina Phiffer
Federico Puccioni
Edgar Ramos
Luca Samori
Kamlarp Satchavarodom
Vironita Sitanggang
Diana Verheijen
Maria Zarate

Join them for the celebration and encourage all of your classmates to come!

Eventbrite - RSM MBA Alumni Reunion 2016

There was a number of your classmates that we couldn't reach
, see their names here. If you are in contact with anyone from the list, please forward them the message about the MBA Alumni Reunion 2016 or inform the Alumni Office on alumnirelations@rsm.nl with updated contact details. Thank you in advance!