IBA Mentors 2014-2015

IBA Mentors 2014-2015

 Meet the 2014-2015 IBA Mentors!


“Having lived in only one country my whole life, the decision to move away from South Africa and begin my studies in the Netherlands was a huge challenge. But the first few introduction days passed by in a flash, and before I knew it I was surrounded by a great bunch of friends and Rotterdam had become my new home overnight. The mentor programme was an excellent stepping stone from which I learned the ropes of living a student life and balancing my academic, sporting and social schedules. I want to give you the inside edge in starting university so that you can excel in your first year and get to experience all that the IBA has to offer. I look forward to meeting you and helping you get your university life started on the right note.”

Jake Lagaay, South African IBA Student


“Arriving at a new university, in a new system with new friends, a new lifestyle and for some a completely new country is far from being an easy task. Be reassured, you are not going to be alone along this path. You and 15 other freshmen will be guided throughout your first trimesters by a mentor: me or one of my friends. We all know what it’s like to be lost in a new city, not knowing how to manage classes, extra-curricular activities and parties. As mentors, we’ll help you overcome big and small concerns that you face. Any question, problem or positive note will be discussed together during our sessions. I hope you’ll enjoy this new step in your life as well as I did!”

Maxime Lejeune, Belgian IBA student


“The beginning of your university study is a huge, but exciting change. I grew up in a small village in Noord-Brabant, in the south of the Netherlands. My hometown turned out to be the exact opposite of Rotterdam. It took me a while to get accustomed to such a big city. Also, I had to take care of many things such as finding a place to live, subscribing to all these exams and courses, buying my books, finding a place to play sports and to spend my leisure time. It was all very overwhelming, but also a lot of fun. I had a very good mentor. We could always ask him anything. This is why I want to be a mentor. I hope to be the person that you feel comfortable enough with to ask any question you have, school-related or not. As I have managed to arrange all these things your new student life will require, I would love to share these experiences with you. I look forward to guiding you and helping you through your first academic year!”

Lotte Maas, Dutch IBA student


“The moment when I walked out of Amsterdam Airport Schiphol and saw the Dutch sunshine, I was so excited to see a completely new world than my hometown. Every single thing was new to me. Fortunately, my mentor helped quite a lot during my hardest time. Treating me like a friend, she offered me study materials and suggestions, explained some cultural differences, and ensured me from her own experience that I could do much better with my English. Thanks to her help, now I feel much more comfortable with my studies, and at the same time enjoy life with my friends in Rotterdam. Now I’m so excited to become a mentor too, so I can offer my help and share all my first-year experiences with you. Don’t hesitate to talk to me if any confusion occurs to you – I’m always ready to listen and help!”

Joyce Chen, Chinese IBA student


"I still remember the first days of my arrival in Rotterdam when I was very excited and eager to meet new people and embark on a new journey in this new university setting. Although I’ve moved internationally many times before and met people from different places, I wasn’t expecting to get to know so many people with such diverse backgrounds here – something you will surely experience for yourself. The first days and weeks were a frenzy. Figuring out my way to class and around campus, all the parties, getting to know the city I’m living in, and of course meeting other students meant that I had to find a balance. So as a mentor, I look forward to sharing my experiences and tips about the first year. Having been in your shoes as a mentee, now as a mentor I’d like pass on my enthusiasm about the university and Rotterdam as well as provide you with help and guidance so you can enjoy your IBA student life experience." 

Adam Trebski, Polish/American IBA student


“Regardless of your past, coming to Rotterdam and IBA is about starting a new episode in the show about you. As part of this, I hope the mentor programme can increases your number of good Rotterdam moments. My mentor helped me cherish the ups, keep it real, and believe anything was possible.  The mentor programme creates a place to socialise, raise questions and get academic tips. I hope you look forward to coming; I can’t wait to see you in September. Have a great summer!”

Katharina Berg Skomedal, Norwegian IBA student


"There’s something exciting about new beginnings and surroundings. Despite all the uncertainty and insecurity you encounter, you get the unique chance to reinvent yourself from scratch. I didn't know what to expect from life in Rotterdam – in fact – I had never even seen the place before arriving here shortly before class started. I was positively surprised about the culturally diverse and open community I found myself to be part of just a few weeks after and the support provided by the university itself. As a mentor I want to enable you to grasp the opportunities of this new life you're about to dive into. There’s a lot to discover, learn and experience just waiting for you to be unravelled. I look forward to welcome all of you after summer break on Woudestein campus to start the adventure together."

Niclas Gottmann, German IBA student