We’ve maintained our extended format from 2014 so the Erasmus Energy Forum 2015 will take place over two days, with a fabulous networking dinner at the end of Day 1, Business Day. Our two day event gives us more time to include presentations from top executives and leading researchers, forthright Q&A sessions, wide-ranging panel discussions, plus in-depth paper presentations, poster sessions and a demonstration ‘marketplace’.

Day 1 on Thursday 18 June carries industry and policy presentations and discussions, while Day 2 on Friday 19 June focuses on in-depth scientific work and the results of research taking place at Erasmus University Rotterdam.


Moderator: Sumit Bose, Energy Live News

Morning programme: Policy and Strategy (plenary)
08.30-09.00 Registration, visit Energy Expo
09.00-09.05 Welcome
by Volker Beckers - Chairman ECFEB, former Group CEO of RWE Npower
09.05-09.25 Opening Address
Ahmed Aboutaleb - Mayor Gemeente Rotterdam
09.25-09.45 Rotterdam Energy Port
Allard Castelein - CEO Port of Rotterdam
09.45-10.20 New developments on smart sustainable markets
Prof. Dr. Wolf Ketter - Director Erasmus Centre for Future Energy Business
10.20-10.40    Implications and directions for EU energy policy and the contributions from ICT
Colette Maloney - Head of Unit Smart Cities and Sustainability, European Commission 
10.40-11.10 Break
11.10-11.30 Implications and directions for Dutch energy policy
Mark Dierikx - DG Energy, Telecom and Competition; Ministry of Economic Affairs
11.30-11.50            Global energy challenges and opportunities and the role of ICT
Prof. Dr. Stephan Reimelt - CEO GE Europe

Transition towards decentralised sustainable energy: evolution or revolution
Panel debate
Introduction by Peter Molengraaf - Chairman Netbeheer Nederland - CEO Alliander

Panel with:
Prof. Dr. Wolf Ketter - Erasmus Centre for Future Energy Business
Colette Maloney - European Commission
Prof. Dr. Stephan Reimelt - CEO GE Europe
Ruud Melieste - Port of Rotterdam
Mark Dierikx - DG Energy and Ministry of Economic Affairs

12.30-13.30 Lunch, visit Energy Expo and Networking
Afternoon programme: Transition towards decentralised sustainable energy (parallel sessions)
Workshop A: Energy Port (moderated by Volker Beckers)
13.30-13.50 Ewald Breunesse - Manager Energy Transitions, Shell Netherlands B.V.
13.50-14.10 Pieter Trienekens - CEO Stedin
14.10-14.30 Alfons Wispels - CEO Raedthuys

Panel with:
Ewald Breunesse - Shell
Ruud Melieste - Port of Rotterdam
Prof. Dr. Paulien Herder - TU Delft
Pieter Trienekens - CEO Stedin
Alfons Wispels - CEO Raedthuys

Q&A with audience

Workshop B: Energy City (moderated by Sumit Bose)


Electric vehicles and smart charging changing the energy landscape
Michiel Langezaal - Founder and CEO FastNed

13.50-14.10 Sustainable Mobility Society
Yukihiro Sonoda - Vice President Technology Trend Analysis, Advanced Technology & Technical Affairs Planning Toyota Motor Europe, Toyota Motor Europe
14.10-14.30 How mass-scale Demand Side Management (DSM) empowers energy users to become central to our energy future 
Marc Borrett - CEO Reactive Technologies

Panel with:
Marc Borrett - CEO Reactive Technologies
Prof. Dr. Wolf Ketter - Erasmus Centre for Future Energy Business
Maria Molenaar - CEO Woonstad Rotterdam
Michiel Langezaal - CEO FastNed
Yukihiro Sonoda - Toyota Motor Europe

Q&A with audience

15.00-15.30 Break
Transition towards decentralised sustainable energy – linking port and city (plenary)

Presentation of the Erasmus Energy Business Award
Introduction of 3 nominees and announcing winner
by Volker Beckers

Short pitch by Award Winner


The future of Energy and eMobility: Electric, Autonomous and Solar
Vincent Everts - Trend watcher on Technology Innovation and Partner Interim IC

16.15-16.35 How to accelerate the energy transition via innovation?
Prof. Dr. Han Gerrits - VU University Amsterdam and Partner KPMG

The Energy Debate
Statements, people choose a position Yes or No;
statements are collected upfront via social media and speakers

Special Guest: Chris Faulkner, CEO Breitling Energy

17.25-17.30 Closure
17.30-19.00 Reception, networking and visit Energy Expo
Evening programme at the City Hall Rotterdam

Welcome by Paula Verhoeven
Elderman Port, Sustainability, Mobility and Organisation
Gemeente Rotterdam
Dinner Session Debate with invited speakers: 

Chris Faulkner, CEO Breitling Energy
Prof. Richard Watson, Terry College of Business, University of Georgia