Non-RSM Elective Courses

Non-RSM Elective Courses

Students may request permission to take a course from another faculty or university as a bachelor elective or free elective for the Master’s programme. Please note that the Examination Board's approval is required before the start of the course.

The general policy of the Examination Board regarding elective courses from another faculty or university is as follows:

  1. The course must be part of an accredited programme at a Dutch university or a foreign research-driven university. A Summer Course, for example, is generally not part of such a programme and is therefore not accepted;
  2. The course must have a level equivalent to the RSM course, i.e. it cannot be a Bachelor’s course as a Master’s free elective;
  3. In terms of content, skills, attitude and testing, the course must sufficiently fit in with the specified exit qualifications for the programme;
  4. The course must have added value for the programme, which is why there should not be too much overlap with mandatory parts of the RSM programme concerned;
  5. The basic rule is that the external course should be taught in English as part of the RSM programmes offered in English. A language course as part of the IBA programme is an exception to this rule.
  6. The course is not used for another programme being taken by the student in question.
  7. The student must take the course and sit the examination while he or she is enrolled at RSM as a student.  

Requests can be submitted via the Online Request Form, accompanied by all relevant information/documentation.  

Taking a Bachelor’s minor in accordance with the EUR minors register does not in principle require separate approval from the Examination Board. The Examination Board does, however, issue a recommendation in advance to the Programme Committee on whether a minor is acceptable for RSM students or not.  

Explicit approval from the Examination Board is required if a student wishes to include a second minor in his/her Bachelor’s programme. This approval must be requested in advance.  

Requests to take external courses via an Exchange Programme are handled by the International Office.