You can use a customised programme to help support an organisational change or issue; perhaps preparing a team for future responsibilities, or as a way to develop and retain your best people, or to develop a new way of working.

You can also use it to develop your people into more rounded leaders, better able to deal with the less-hierarchical expectations of younger generations.

Our training can transform your company. Learning interventions are tailor-made for you by experienced and expert learning and development managers, with responsiveness and flexibility throughout the process of design, delivery and evaluation.

With RSM’s leading academics and learning and development managers, you get:

  • The latest business and management thinking for your people
  • Expertise and training relevant to your strategic priorities and context – at junior, mid-career and senior level
  • Teaching from some of the world’s most influential experts and researchers whose knowledge can transform individual and organisational performance.

People choose RSM because it is amongst the top 1% of education institutions schools worldwide to have triple-crown accreditation. With 25 years’ experience of management education and its own research institute, we are ranked as one of the FT’s top tier European business schools for education, and we are in the top 25 worldwide for research.

Broaden skills or add specialist knowledge
We can train specialists to broaden their business acumen in leadership, marketing, finance or strategy implementation, among other general management skills. And we can train leaders to use change management, entrepreneurship and innovation, and bring them into effect across whole organisations.

What happens in a customised programme?
The dynamic in a customised programme results in synergistic effects for participants. As well as adding to their knowledge, participants can also learn to work better with people from other disciplines and functions within your organisation. If senior managers are included in the design of the customised programme – as speakers or sponsors – then the programme can also help develop cross-hierarchical and cross-functional relationships.

Could your company benefit from a customised programme? Contact us to find out.

Dorine Wekking
Dorine Wekking Director HR Aon Benelux & Nordics, Client Customised Programmes
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