What we offer you

What we offer you

Our programmes are designed to increase human capital where you need it most – effectively and efficiently.

Would your company benefit from more specialist know-how, improved management skills or better strategic thinking? Or do you want to work on your team’s ‘soft skills’ like negotiation or leadership?

Whether you need broad management competencies or industry-specific knowledge, our expert consultants can design and develop unique programmes for your organisation. Customised coaching and training programmes are delivered by our world-class academics and learning and development managers, and designed to match your organisation’s objectives. Choose the format that best suits your organisation and its goals; programmes for young talent, seminars for change leadership, high impact workshops, multi-modular progammes and change intervention, as well as fully-accredited programmes including specialist master programmes.

Your employees can obtain professionally relevant qualifications at the same time as deepening their knowledge of your business. This can mean powerful improvements in your organisations’ skill sets and capabilities, with resultant improvements to decision-making and operations.

Customised programmes can:

  • Incorporate your company’s business goals, culture, operating environment, people and learning objectives
  • Be taught to a closed cohort of participants, chosen by you
  • Create opportunities for your team to digest and contribute their own knowledge for maximum effect
  • Be flexible and adaptable; it can be delivered as coaching, mentoring, workshops, forums or on-the-job learning, as group projects or as classroom training
  • Be delivered at any location; on campus, at your offices, or any other place you choose.

Unique benefits of the customised approach

  • Measurable results – and evaluations performed at several stages after the programme
  • Managers and teams share improved capabilities, common understandings and enhanced commitment to your company’s strategic goals
  • A high-impact learning experience tailored to your organisation’s challenges.
  • New competencies that can be applied immediately
  • A one-to-one partnership with RSM so programmes evolve along with your business.

Our dedicated team of learning and development managers has a deep understanding of learning processes and able to blend disciplines in a coherent way. Their understanding of learning outcomes gives you more than just an increase in knowledge; it provides an experience that will transform your management team.

Fully evaluated
Our thorough, step-by-step consultative approach means that your programme is made to complement your organisation’s existing strengths. The programme is delivered to a high standard by our world-class teachers and trainers, and the results are fully evaluated.

There’s more about the process of creating customised programmes in our brochure. Download it here.