Diploma Programme in Pharmacy Leadership

Diploma Programme in Pharmacy Leadership

Pharmaceutical healthcare needs leaders who show the way for the profession with vision, boldness and vigour. This programme is designed to help pharmacists become leaders so that hospital pharmacies can support the work of other departments and contribute to the performance of the institution as a whole, while upholding the standards of the profession.

As a pharmacist, you are becoming more important to patient care as the field of hospital pharmacy in Europe is changing rapidly. You have to visualise and realise long-term business planning and implement the control of costs demanded by important stakeholders. In short, hospital pharmacists need to become pharmacy leaders. The aim of RSM’s ten-month modular Diploma Programme in Pharmacy Leadership is to help hospital pharmacists to develop the specific business and personal knowledge and skills they need to achieve this.

The programme was developed by RSM Executive Education and GPP Support (Good Pharmacy Practice Support), a specialist management consultancy for hospital and outpatient pharmacies.

The programme’s eight two-day modules are dedicated to qualities of pharmacy leadership such as engagement and motivation of team members, leadership in partnering, and innovation leadership. During the highly engaging sessions, you will learn inspiring and expert insights from RSM’s world-class faculty members. You will develop a business improvement plan to apply these insights directly to your work, your team, and your department.

Faculty members include Prof. Dirk van Dierendonck, expert on leadership and leadership development from RSM; Dr Joost Zuurbier, senior healthcare management consultant and a visiting faculty member at RSM; and Prof. Justin Jansen, RSM’s renowned expert on innovation leadership.

Key benefits

During the programme, you will learn how to:

  • balance operational demand, capacity and quality in a high-pressure environment
  • recognise and develop innovative business models
  • empower your team to be prepared for short-term and long-term demands
  • understand business finance so you can address financial topics at director level
  • shape long-lasting partnerships and beneficial close contacts
  • operate the pharmacy so it efficiently complements the therapeutic activities of other departments
  • implement your strategy smoothly and efficiently.