Diploma Programme in Sales Leadership

Diploma Programme in Sales Leadership

In today’s markets, the sales function faces many challenges. The ‘sell more’ approach no longer aligns with our customers’ need to react to unpredictable and changing market conditions. A radical shift in thinking and effort is needed to find the right way forward and to stay ahead of competition. New opportunities can only emerge when we really put our customers’ needs front of mind, and help them achieve their strategies and vision. Do you dare question your traditional value propositions and working practices, and look critically at how to deliver real value for your customer? 

RSM’s Diploma Programme in Sales Leadership goes beyond learning about operational tools and know-how. It helps sales professionals and their organisations to transform into highly effective sales leaders and achieve excellence in sales by creating customer value. The nine-day programme (with two modules over six months) will equip you with new visions and ideas, practical management tools and leadership skills. Take your sales to the next level and immediately put it to your business practice. 

RSM faculty and business experts provide state-of-the-art academic and business know-how covering the breath of the sales leadership landscape. In dedicated coaching sessions you will explore organisational challenges, and develop strategies to improve your personal effectiveness as a sales leader. The participant completes the programme with a real-world sales leadership thesis.

What will you gain?

  • Strengthen your position as a partner and change leader internally and externally;
  • Improve your vision and capacity to configure the sales approach and solution delivery;
  • Upgrade your management tools to optimise personal and sales team performance;
  • Insights into personal strengths, weaknesses, preferences and your leadership priorities;
  • Develop a sales leadership thesis as an action plan for improving organisational performance.

The Diploma Programme in Sales Leadership has been designed in cooperation between Rotterdam School of Management, Erasmus University and the Centre for Sales Leadership.