• The programme can be followed by an individual, but we strongly discourage this. The set-up of the programme departs from participating teams with at least two persons enabling them to learn from other teams coming from different business settings. Preferably a team consists of a data scientist(s) and a business analyst(s), thus providing them with the opportunity to learn from each other. Participation with a team in this programme aims to spur the ambition of companies in handling and exploiting big data.

  • The participating companies should bring their own (use) case(s) to actively work on during the programme and in the period between the three sessions of the course (kick off, main part, and final part). In case of consultancy firms this could also be a case of a customer experience trajectory. Participants will work with a data set from their own organisation. The assumption is made that the infrastructure and analysis tools required are available within the participants’ organization. By way of illustration participants will have to work with R, an open source tool, during the modules in the main course week. Participants are asked to share the results of the analysis and the intended use case, not the data set itself. A digital learning environment will be offered within the framework of this programme. Within that environment a separate module enables participants from a company team to cooperate and share information, without other teams having access.

  • The third run of the programme will start on 17 January 2017.

  • Registration is open until 1 December 2016, dependent on the number of remaining places.

  • The registration procedure can be found here.

  • The costs for participation are dependent on the number of participants from an organisation. You can find the link here.

  • In the first and second run the programme had participants from different industries and companies (Alliander, DP World, DSM , Enexis, Essent, Hotelbooking Germany, ING, Lufthansa, PA Consulting, Randstad, RWE Essent, Sanoma and Stedin). Once participants in the third run have been confirmed, they will be published here.  

  • In the first and second run the programme had several guest speakers from Alliander, Amazon Webservices, Booking.com, CGI, Cool Blue, Dain Studios, IBM, PA Consulting, SAS, Sundio Group. In the third run we will invite again several speakers from practice.