Results of the recent nomination phase to fill the PhD candidate and Academic Staff seats

The Academic staff representative seat in the RSM Faculty Council will be filled by Dr Helen Gubby effective immediately. She will fill this seat until 31 August 2017.  

There are two candidates for the seat of Phd Representative: T. Schneidmuller and F.M.E. Nullmeier. Therefore, an election process will be initiated from 3 October until 7 October 2016 for the Phd Representative seat.

The RSM Faculty Council is a participatory decision-making body that represents the students and employees of Rotterdam School of Management, Erasmus University. The RSM Faculty Council is consulted by the Executive Board concerning decisions the Executive Board is planning to make regarding important issues addressing education, research and employee policy.

Any questions related to the election process can be addressed to Claudia Rutten, Yvonne Jules, or Tessa van der Veer.

If there are questions related to the RSM Faculty Council, please contact Marja Flory at mflory@rsm.nl.

Kind regards,

Faculty Electoral Committee