Members 2016-2017

Members 2016-2017

Representatives for academic faculty

Representative for administrative staff

Representative for PhD candidates 

  • Vacancy (elections 3-7 October) 

Representatives for students 

  • Rasko Angelinov
  • Marien Rodriguez Lopez de la Calle
  • Kyra Heidemanns
  • Johannes Ottmann
  • Domenica Salazar

Secretary to the Faculty Council

  • Job Heidkamp

Contact e-mail Faculty Council

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Dr Marja Flory

Vice Chairs

To be announced


The council works in six committees, with the following members: (at the start of the 2016-2017 academic year, all committees will be filled)

  • General issues (RSM internal organisation, RSM strategy, reorganisations): Kyra Heidemanns, Domenica Salazar
  • Education (General/quality assurance, bachelor programmes, master programmes): Dr Marja Flory, Kyra Heidemans, Marien Rodriguez Lopez de la Calle
  • Research (General, PhD related issues, scientific integrity): Dr Paolo Perego
  • HR issues (General, formation & career development, labour conditions, diversity): Dr Marja Flory, Joey Johannsen, Rasko Angelinov, Marien Rodriguez Lopez de la Calle
  • Finance (Budget, other issues): Dr Paolo Perego Rashko Angelinov, domenica Salazar
  • FC organisation (Visibility/web page, external relations, back office): Joey Johannsen, Johannes Ottmann