Experience and competencies

Experience and competencies


More than half, 56.5 per cent, of master graduate respondents took part in an internship linked to their study at RSM before they started working ‒ that’s 238 people. Out of this group of graduates, 64 per cent did an internship during their MSc programme. There’s more information about this in our internship survey report, available from http://www.rsm.nl/career-services/internships/

Study exchange

RSM graduates are keen to broaden their study experiences. Just over a quarter, 25.9 per cent or 109 respondents did a study exchange during their time at RSM.

Extra-curricular activities

Most respondents took part in extra-curricular activities during their studies. The most frequently mentioned were memberships of sports or cultural organisations (41.3 per cent), non-study related part-time jobs (42 per cent), and study related part-time jobs (40.4 per cent). As you can see, there is some cross-over, with some students taking parts in sports and cultural activities as well as having part time jobs.


Master graduates agree most strongly that the most important competencies to possess are problem solving (88.6 per cent), working independently (87.7 per cent), and teamwork (81.5 per cent). These skills are mostly gained during studies, say the respondents. Project management, creativity, and entrepreneurial skills are gained mainly outside studies, compared to the other competencies, say our graduates.