MSc graduate profile

MSc graduate profile

Background of graduates

Respondents came from all 14 of RSM’s MSc programmes. The largest group of respondents is from the MSc Finance & Investments (17 per cent of respondents), MSc Supply Chain Management (16 per cent), and MSc Strategic Management (12 per cent). From the medium-sized master programmes, the MSc International Management/CEMS and MSc Management of Innovation are well represented, as is the smaller master programme, MSc General Management.

Almost 40 per cent of RSM’s master graduates entered the programme directly after graduating from one of our own bachelor programmes, a big decrease from the previous year when 70 per cent came from our own bachelor programmes. Before doing a master at RSM, 23 per cent completed a Bachelor in Business Administration (bedrijfskunde) and 17 per cent did a Bachelor in International Business Administration at RSM. Almost 17 per cent studied first at a university for Applied Sciences (HBO) and did a pre-master programme before starting their master programme. Almost half, 43.5 per cent of all respondents, got their bachelor degree from a school other than RSM, either in the Netherlands or another country.


The average age at graduation was 24.5, and the range was from 21 to 40 years old. Of the 421 graduates responding to the survey, 152 were female and 250 were male. We can say that the Grade Point Average (GPA) of respondents in this survey does not differ greatly from the profile of RSM graduates in previous years.

Where do they come from?

There were 41 different nationalities among the respondents; 60 per cent were Dutch, 30.5 per cent came from the European Economic Area (EEA), and 9.5 per cent came from outside the EEA. Most international students came from Germany (12.8 per cent), then Bulgaria (4.3 per cent), Greece (3.8 per cent), and China (3.3 per cent).