Artur Jager

Artur Jager

“After my Bachelor in International Business, I realised that I was mostly interested in organisational behaviour and human resource management, so RSM’s MSc in Human Resource Management seemed an excellent choice. I chose for RSM because the programme offered a balance between courses from a strategic HR perspective and courses from a more social psychological perspective. I was particularly interested in the latter, since the combination of psychology and business was my main interest.

What I really liked about the MSc in HRM, was that teaching groups hardly ever exceeded 50 people and consisted of students with different educational backgrounds and different nationalities. This facilitated the active environment in which class discussions took place. Also, many courses provided guest lectures and the opportunity to present solutions to real cases from consultants and get immediate feedback.

If I had to choose my favourite course, it would be my elective in managerial and group decision-making, since it showed how many people and organisations lack the skills to make the right decisions and it provided useful tools and cases to improve my own decision-making. In my opinion, this will be of great relevance in any job, because important decisions are made on a regular basis.

Lastly, the thesis trajectory accounted for one third of the programme, so it’s very demanding. I wrote my thesis about the effects of sleep deprivation on knowledge sharing in teams and I examined whether psychological safety could be a buffer for sleep deprived individuals to share their knowledge with other team members. I had to do an analysis on data I gathered with two other students and was guided intensively by my coach. My skills in SPSS were pretty weak, but luckily the HRM programme offered a free two-day SPSS course, which was really helpful.

Altogether, I really liked RSM’s MSc in Human Resource Management and I think that by choosing your own electives you can design it to your interest. I’m ready to find a job now due to my theoretical knowledge, and also thanks to the connections the courses had with actual business. So if you’re interested in the behavioural side of business, this master programme would be a perfect match.”