Claudia Keller

Claudia Keller

The MScBA in Human Resource Management teaches the psychological aspects of HRM with a business-relevant perspective. It provides students with the opportunity to apply theoretical concepts by solving real-world business problems. 

I decided to study at RSM, because it is well-known for welcoming international students very warmly. The integration of practical aspects in the curriculum and the international orientation of the programme were especially attractive to me. 

My experiences in Rotterdam exceeded my expectations. People everywhere are unbelievably friendly and helpful. The university is a great place to study and to learn for life, and there are good learning facilities and a nice working atmosphere on campus. The small working groups and the individual support for the students make the MSc Business Administration a unique study experience. 

The HRM programme is challenging; in addition to reading scientific papers there are always group projects that need to be organised. 

Since people from all over the world come to study at RSM you get to know people from lots of countries. This is a wonderful experience. I can only recommend prospective students to study at RSM. 

Claudia Keller
MScBA in Human Resource Management, graduated in 2010
Management Trainee, Testo AG