Lisianne Heil

Lisianne Heil

Graduating from Rotterdam School of Management, Erasmus University with a master’s degree in Human Resource Management felt like the end of an era... and it actually was. It left footprints in my sands of time, and allowed me to look ahead at all that what was yet to come.

During my Bachelor in International Business Administration, I was glad that RSM offered multiple courses focusing on organisational behaviour, as working with people makes me happy. Furthermore, the various ways in which effective leadership can influence people’s perceptions of both themselves and the environment truly interest me. As I expected the Master in Human Resource Management to cover these areas, it felt like a perfect fit for me right from the start. My fellow students had diverse backgrounds ranging from psychology to economics, and from law to hospitality services. The small classroom setup of about 50 (international) students allowed for true knowledge sharing and interactive discussions between us. This was further encouraged by various team assignments and interesting guest lecturers from HR practitioners. The HRM master optimally balanced academic content and practical application.

I participated in the HRM electives “Organisation Development and Change Management” and “High Performance Leadership and Motivation”. Strong emphasis was put on the effect that decisions and the communication hereof can have on all involved stakeholders, including an organisation’s employees. Also the motivating effects of leadership endorsement in any organisational (change) process were highlighted. This, in combination with the more general HRM courses, provided me with a solid base to start my career as an Organisation Change Strategy consultant at IBM.

If you also have a strong preference for the people-focused side of business, and if you are looking for an academic education that will allow you to broaden your skills and knowledge in this area, the Human Resource Management Master is a great preparation for your career. Looking back, I could not have wished for a better preparation to start my career.

Lisianne Heil
The Netherlands
Alumni Human Resource Management (2012)
Currently Organisation Change Strategy Consultant at IBM.