Stephanie Otto

Stephanie Otto

After my Bachelor in Economics and Law at Utrecht University School of Economics, I decided that a Management related study would be more in line with my interests and skills. I chose RSM for its excellent international reputation, its international character and for its General Management programme, which allows non-business students to participate in a Management Master programme.

Having finished the General Management programme, I decided to specialise in HRM. Whereas my prior education was more financially oriented, Human Resource Management has been a valuable addition to my studies as it is a part of business I previously knew little about.

I experience the HRM programme as a great learning environment because of the interactive classes, where we apply theory into practical cases and because of the small, ambitious classes (around 46 people). This small number creates a tight group that not only takes classes together, but also has drinks and dinners together.

In this second half of the programme, I have the opportunity to focus on the topics I like most in the area of HRM: diversity within teams and the influence of leaders. Under the guidance of an internationally well-known professor, I recently started my Master thesis, focusing on how to exploit diversity within teams and for which I am approaching several companies in Germany and the Netherlands, with the goal of gaining their cooperation in my research. This is a time-consuming and challenging project, especially in combination with my regular courses. One of these courses is an elective on leadership, the other topic of my interest. This latter topic will also be included in my Master thesis. Additionally I am following the ORMIT Honours class focusing on leadership development and organisational change.

If you are interested in HRM, its current issues and value to international business strategy then this Master programme may be a great choice for you too. If you are considering the HRM Master, don’t hesitate to contact me for more information!  

Stephanie Otto
Bachelor in Economics and Law at Utrecht University School of Economics
Started MSc Human Resource Management in 2011