Sylviya Nikolova

Sylviya Nikolova

I have always acknowledged the fact that the employees are the vehicle of every organisation - after all, every company is what it is because of the people working in it. So I really wanted to find the answers to questions such as: What makes people behave in a certain way? How can leaders motivate their subordinates? How can you manage diverse teams? 

The first thing that attracted me to RSM was the internationality of the university and the presence of people from such different cultures and nationalities. I also liked the fact that it has been ranked among the best business schools in Europe for several years in a row. 

The programme is a great combination of theory and practical experience and the best part is the opportunity to get in touch with real business life. The curriculum is based on diverse materials including top academic articles, case studies and simulations; we’ve already have had the chance to experiment with what we have learned in real business situations through real-life company cases. In many courses we had the chance to solve real managerial issues for companies like NXP and Shell, and to meet very successful business people such as the former CEO of Heineken.  

The most challenging part is to get used to working in teams. Most of the assignments are group ones and teams usually change so it takes some time till one gets used to this diversity. 

Sylviya Nikolova
MSc in Human Resource Management, graduated in 2010
Business Analyst IKAM at Philips