Ruben de Looff

Ruben de Looff

The Netherlands

Bachelor Business Administration: 2006-2009 
Master Finance & Investments 2009-2010 
Master Organisational Change & Consultancy 2010-2011 

Change is always around us; we are never in a situation where change is absent. This emphasizes the importance of change and dealing with it. When you finish the Organisational Change and Consultancy (OCC) programme you will be able to understand, manage, and master change in innumerable situations. 

Before I started the programme I found it very difficult to see a practical connection between the academic world and the world of business. The OCC programme clarified this link by using real life cases in the classroom. As an OCC student I was, in two out of the four core courses, doing research as a consultant and subsequently advising as one. These core courses gave us the experience to work on a real case with real clients. We learned about interviewing, being really objective, and looking at situations from different perspectives. The other two core courses enabled me to become acquainted with the problems and challenges a consultant has to deal with. We were in contact with experienced consultants who gave us more insight into the lives of consultants than any book could do. 

The OCC Master is quite a small group; this enhances the group atmosphere and as a result, the learning experience. Because the group is small and you work in teams for every course, as an ‘ OCC´er’ you learn not only from teachers, but also from your colleagues. Do not underestimate this! I learned things that are applicable not only to work, but to all aspects of life. You could call these soft skills; I think they can only be learned by practice, and OCC provides a very suitable environment for this. 

After the four core courses I chose the Advisory Skills elective which was extremely interesting, and learned more about improving my soft skills such as presentations, working in teams, dealing with feedback, and so on! 

In conclusion, I learned how to understand, manage and master change. Moreover, I learned things that are applicable, not only to work, but to life.