Kevin Heij

Kevin Heij

After my Bachelor’s degree in Technology Management, I started a pre-master study programme at RSM. At the end of it, I had to choose my master programme. I liked two of the specialisations; Strategic Management and Finance & Investments. Eventually, I chose Strategic Management because the courses fitted my personal taste and experience.

During previous internships I was involved in several strategy-formulation processes, and I realised that strategy includes a lot more than I had learned so far. So, a master in Strategic Management was a logical continuation in order to be able to develop better strategic solutions. In the second part of the master, you have a certain freedom to choose the courses you like. Examples of elective courses offered in this programme include International Management and Corporate Development (mergers, alliances and acquisitions). Some students join an international exchange programme with universities in the United States or Indonesia. I chose the elective Strategic Management Consulting to get an insight how top strategy consultancy firms work.

In one of my pre-master courses, I got involved in exploration and exploitation issues, which are important for an organisations’ survival in the long and short term. These two issues attracted my attention, so that now I am writing my master thesis about performance consequences of exploration and exploitation in complex environments.

After I have finished my master, I’m looking towards a job in the strategy department of a technology-oriented company.

Kevin Heij
The Netherlands

BScBA pre-master, graduated in 2009
MScBA in Strategic Management, graduated in 2010
Associate Director, INSCOPE (Erasmus University Rotterdam)