Honours Programme

Honours Programme

More detailed information about the MSc in Supply Chain Management Honours programme can be found below. If you have any other question please contact the co-ordinator Dr Roy van den Berg.

  • The Honours programme includes an extra company internship, or a research project, plus an extra elective course in addition to the regular one-year MSc Supply Chain Management programme. Honours students must complete the extra elements after their regular courses, between mid-August and mid-December.

  • Students can only apply for the Honours programme when they are invited. The students with the highest grades (i.e. average grade in their BSc degree and grades during the first core courses of the Supply Chain Management Masters Programme) are invited. Only the students with the keenest motivation will be selected to follow the programme.

  • At the beginning of February, we start the matchmaking process to find the right student for each company based on what the company needs, and the interests and talents of the student. Students and companies get to know each other during visits, or through virtual meetings.

  • Honours students’ company projects can last up to four months, twice as long as projects in the regular MSc Supply Chain Management programme. The Honours students’ research proposal is the starting point of the final thesis, and is finalised in April before embarking on the four-month project in August. Students have access to their academic supervisors at RSM throughout the process in order to produce the highest quality work.

  • Students can choose to specialise in the Honours programme by taking either a practice-oriented track that includes becoming involved in industry and government through case studies and an internship, or an academic track involving taking part in a research project and organising an academic seminar. At the end of their specialised track, students must deliver a position paper; this is a document that is equal in quality and content to a conference paper, and is in addition to their master thesis.

  • When the student has successfully completed the honours programme and graduated, they will receive a certificate indicating the additional ECTS achieved. Successful Honours students also receive testimonials from the industrial or government organisation involved, for example Dutch Customs or the SmartPort organisation.

    • Customs and supply chain compliance
    • SmartPort
    • Material handling
    • Closed loop supply chains
    • Purchasing and supply management
    • Transportation and distribution networks
    • Forecasting and inventory management
    • Behavioural operations management
    • Business intelligence