Ivana Lotte, MSc Accounting & Control

Ivana Lotte, MSc Accounting & Control

Ivana Lotte, MSc Accounting & Control, had a job offer from KPMG before graduation 

“At the beginning of the Master, we were in contact with the 'Big Four’ companies already”

Briefly introduce yourself

I am Ivana Lotte, aged 22 and Dutch, and am now finishing my MSc Accounting & Control at RSM. I also studied at RSM for my bachelor degree in Business Administration. During my internship at KPMG in April, I was offered a job starting in September, which I have accepted.

How did you decide what you would like to do after your studies?

I already knew that I wanted to work in finance. I wanted to improve my specialist knowledge and know all about the ins-and-outs of companies. Accounting & Control teaches you everything you need to know about a financially healthy company, but it is not just about looking at numbers. There are other aspects that you must study and keep in mind. I really like this combination and I want to continue with it after my studies, so I have chosen to start at one of the ‘Big Four’ companies, KPMG. I will have the chance to develop myself quickly, gain a lot of experience, and study to become a Certified Public Accountant, in addition to working.

How did you start your job search and the application process?

At the beginning of the Master we were in contact with the 'Big Four’ companies already and I started to get an impression of the possibilities open to me after my studies. I wanted to write my thesis at one of the companies so I used this opportunity to get a better impression. I applied for the business course at KMPG and was invited to participate. I went to Madrid with 30 others, and got to know the company very well; I really liked it, and decided to write my thesis there. During the internship I got an even better impression of what working at that office was like. When they asked me to start working there, I gladly accepted the offer.

When was the first time you came in contact with your future employer?

The first time I had contact with KPMG was a meeting with the recruiter. In addition to my master studies I was also active on the board of STAR, RSM’s study association, for which I organised recruiting events. I went to KPMG at the start of the year to introduce myself; that was the first time and I had a good feeling even then. We also hosted a Master Accountancy Day and brought the Big Four companies together. Students can choose two companies; KPMG was one of my choices and I had a positive feeling here too.

What was the most difficult step or stage in the application process?

There were two difficult steps for me. First, choosing which company I liked best. I knew I wanted to start at one of the Big Four companies because I believe they offer the best opportunities. After this, you have to go through a selection process, which is challenging, but I must say, I also liked the interview that I had. That was also a sign that I had applied for a job at the right company!

What was your key selling point when you compared yourself to other applicants?

I find it hard to say what my strong point is, in comparison to other students. I think the fact that I had been active in various committees was an advantage, as was the fact that I had been on exchange. These are positive factors in the application process.

How did your studies help you during this process?

Without my studies I would have never got this job. I will start in auditing, and for that, the Master Accounting & Control is a must. In addition, as an RSM student you will come into contact with companies during workshops and other recruitment events linked to the master – they also helped a lot.