Ronald Verhoef

Ronald Verhoef

If you are interested in Finance but don't necessarily want to work for the banks, this MSc gives you a good start to becoming a core finance professional.

 Definitely it has provided me with broad finance know-how, which has helped me learn and grow in various roles during my Financial Traineeship at General Electric. It helped me learn how to approach challenges at work, especially as CFOs of various Dutch listed companies visited RSM to give a feel for the business world.
 I find this works in my current role as well; although you may not realise it at the time, you can gain 
valuable insights from senior people. 

For me, the best part was meeting and working together with fellow ambitious students. My best memories are of my time spent organising the STAR Management Week in 2005. Working intensively together in a group of eight students for a period of approximately 10 months was a great experience and I got to learn a great deal about team work, motivation, and various skill sets. 

The most challenging part of the MSc has to be the thesis. You have to grind your way through the whole process and it’s probably the same for every student. You are guaranteed to find obstacles on the way but in the end it gives you a lot of satisfaction to produce a piece of work to call your own, with a piece of paper in your hand that sets you up for the start of your career. 

Ronald Verhoef 
The Netherlands 
Graduated at RSM in 2007 
Reporting Manager at GE Capital Spain (Financial Services)