How many Msc graduates are employed?

Of all respondents, 97% were employed, had started their own business, were not looking for employment or were continuing their education within 12 months after graduation. Only 3% were still looking for a job when they completed the survey in December 2011. Gender and nationality play no statistically significant role in finding a job. 

A small number of both male and female MSc graduates are quick to start their own businesses; 6% of male graduates and 1% of female graduates have started a business within a year of graduating. Amongst different nationalities in our survey, 7% of graduates from EEA countries started their own business, but no graduates from non-EEA countries reported doing so.

Employment status within 12 months after graduation

When do they start their job searches?

Most MSc students (70%) start looking for a job before they complete their studies. Some start the search earlier than others; 26% say they start looking for a job more than six months before they graduate.

The search for jobs in the financial industries seems to hold the most urgency; almost 80% of respondents looking for jobs in this sector start looking for a job before graduation. This is a higher proportion than respondents from consultancy and research (60% start the search before graduation), or manufacturing and industry (50% start before graduation).

Start job search

How long does it take to find a job?

On average, of those respondents who declared they were employed, it took almost four months from the start of their search to find a job. There are no differences between men and women, or for different nationalities.

With this in mind, and the knowledge that 44% start looking for a job at least four months before they graduate, it seems likely that some graduates had found employment before their graduation.