MSc Graduate Profile

MSc Graduate Profile

Who are our graduates?

The average age at graduation was 25, and most students are aged between 22 and 28. Of those graduates responding to the survey, 32% were female and 68% were male.  Almost 27% of respondents were international, and 73% were from the Netherlands.

We can say from our earlier records that the profiles of respondents in this first survey do not differ greatly from the profile of all RSM graduates in 2010. This is also true for Grade Point Average (judicium).



Different specialisations

Where do they come from?

There were 34 different nationalities among the respondents to the 2011 survey. Of all the respondents, 73% were Dutch, 15 % came from the European Economic Area (EEA), and 12 % came from outside the EEA, again, a similar distribution of nationalities to 2010, according to our records. Germany sent the most international students to RSM (7 %), then Bulgaria (2.8 %), Romania (2.1 %) and China (1.7 %). 

World map showing global distribution of graduates of different nationalities