How much do our MSc graduates earn?

The average salary earned by respondents to our survey in their first year of employment – across all industry sectors and globally – is € 2,903 gross per month, exclusive of additional benefits. The survey shows that the overall average salary paid by companies in the Netherlands is € 2,856; in EEA countries the average monthly salary is € 3,335 and in non-EEA countries € 2,614. According to the higher education study resource organisation Nobiles, the average salary of a Master graduate in the Netherlands is € 2,632

In general, 49% of respondents earn between € 2,200 and € 3,000 per month. From our survey, 26% earn more than this, and 25% earn less.  

Salary clusters (€)

What about additional benefits?

Our survey asked respondents to tell us of any additional benefits they received, by choosing from a list. They could indicate more than one.  

Additional benefits

The benefit most frequently mentioned is the possibility of following a course, training or education (73%). This result matches the outcome of a survey in 2007 by Dr Dirk van Dierendonck, Associate Professor of Organisational Behaviour at RSM. He found that development opportunities are seen as an important factor in job satisfaction [2].  The second most-frequently received benefit from this list is travel expenses (compensation) (70%) and third, a laptop, which is mentioned by 65% of respondents.

[2] Dirk van Dierendonck & Eva Rood, “Carrière succes van RSM alumni onderzoek naar cohort 2002-2006”, p.11