Bradley is responsible for setting up, developing, growing, and the success of the Amsterdam Office. He is

responsible for creating awareness and excitement around RSM, its vast offerings, and its top professors. Next to

this, Bradley will also lead the efforts in getting closer to RSM’s target clients with its top professors, to

understand their needs and to develop new programmes to be delivered in the Amsterdam area.


Bradley has worked in an executive development role for nearly two years, but also has a twelve year business

background in management consulting, project management, marketing, and communications within the banking

and insurance industries. Bradley's career started in marketing at Momentum Collective Benefits (South Africa), a

top national life insurance company. He began his 'Dutch experience' in 2006 as the Communications Manager at

AEGON. In 2008, he then moved to Accenture as a Management Consultant, and has been at RSM since February



Bradley says, "A few years ago I realized that I needed to move into a career that was more in line with my own

passions and strengths. As Confucius said, 'Choose a job you love, and you will never have to work a day in your

life.' It came to me that the 'people side of business' is where I needed to be. I am now there!"