James Parker, MBA MA


James Parker is an Executive Fellow at Rotterdam School of Management and Partner of the Parma Group. He

is a specialist in strategy and organisation for financial institutions/professional services firms/not-for-profit sector

and an experienced trainer and facilitator. He has a global client base and is fluent in English, French, Dutch and

Russian. James has been resident in the Netherlands since 1992. He holds a MA (Russian Language and Modern

History) from Oxford and a MBA from Insead.

After his study at Oxford James was employed by Barclays Bank International in UK, Zaire and Canada, and by

McKinsey where he worked In North America, UK and the Netherlands. In 1992 he became a founding partner of

Mitchell Madison Group, a strategy consultancy firm specialised in the Financial Industry. From 2001-2005 James

worked for Boer & Croon, where he was managing partner of the Corporate Strategy group.