Enhancing the success of 2SCALE

Enhancing the success of 2SCALE

2SCALE is a large agribusiness incubator programme working with farmers, small-scale entrepreneurs, and medium and large enterprises in nine African countries. The consortium is creating a large portfolio of cross-sector partnerships with more than a million smallholders and SMEs to improve rural livelihoods and food security. Such a portfolio of robust and viable agribusiness clusters and value chains will supply food to regional, national and local markets, thus supplying consumers at the ‘bottom of the pyramid’. The project was initiated in 2012 by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Netherlands together with three specialised organisations: Base of Pyramid Innovation Center, (BoPInc), International Centre for development oriented Research in Agriculture (ICRA) and The International Fertilizer Development Center (IFDC).

The role of the PrC

Academic director of the PrC, Prof. Rob van Tulder has written a position paper on the top-down and bottom-up dimensions of the project, which provides an outline of a more sophisticated theory of change.

This action research project will mainly contribute to the capacity of the 2SCALE programme to manage both the processes within business and partnerships leading to impact, and the interdependencies that are essential for achieving scale. Important indicators for success are the viability of the emerging business models and the willingness of private and public stakeholders to make financial resources available for sustaining and scaling the business and partnerships models.

There are a number of areas critical to the success of this new subproject within the 2SCALE programme about which more knowledge must be established and fundamental decisions must be made. They include brokering partnerships, deepening their impact, and scaling business and partnerships models.

The PrC’s research contributes to the 2SCALE programme as follows:

  • Assessing and modelling the partnerships and value chain arrangements brokered by 2SCALE to further develop and refine theories of change directed towards inclusiveness of agro-food chains
  • Deepening understanding of business and partnership models within the 2SCALE programme to support a process of making strategies, to assess risks and detect strategies for accelerating partnerships and leveraging resources
  • Identifying and assessing distinct scaling pathways through which businesses and partnerships achieve scale in terms of numbers of farmers and SMEs taking part, volumes of goods supplied to ‘Bottom of the Pyramid’ markets, and tangible buy-in from public policy and private actors.


Target countries

Ethiopia, Kenya, Mozambique, South Sudan, Uganda, Benin, Ghana, Mali and Nigeria.

Additional information about 2Scale

Click here for an impression of the 2-day kick off meeting in Accra and Nairobi in June 2015. 


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