International network

International network

The PrC builds a global flexible knowledge and learning networks for professionals, academics, practitioners and policy makers to address complex societal issues through cross-sector partnerships. The network will enable the sharing of empirical knowledge to bridge gaps between theory and actual cross-sector partnerships. Valorization – the proof of practical usefulness and value of PPPs – will add depth to the PrC’s core research.

The PrC’s theory of change calls on all sectors to contribute to a sustainable world. The PrC’s knowledge network can build and strengthen capacity around the world by promoting investment in, and training of, local stakeholders. Uniquely, this network is firmly rooted in business schools and academia. Many projects run synchronously under the PrC umbrella. The knowledge network will enable several projects to hook on to the network and its activities, such as the project on Inclusive Business Strategies in Africa, 2 SCALE and PPPLab.

During the past years, PrC has already developed and maintained an extensive and valuable network.

During 2016, PrC will undertake a systematic effort to:

• Map the current and already extensive PrC knowledge network, both visually and in text form;

• Analyse and structure the current PrC knowledge network in its various functions, its thematic focus, its status and its composition;

• Identify strengths and weaknesses in the current PrC knowledge network and identify prioritised opportunities to further strengthen and optimise the PrC knowledge network.