4-day training on Collaboration for Development for Trainees of the Advanced Master in International Development of the Radboud University Nijmegen

This course provides students with a taster of what multi-stakeholder collaboration is and how public and private organizations position themselves in these collaborations. Trainees will obtain an introductory understanding of:

  1. The rationale and methodologies for multi-stakeholder collaboration;

  2. Concepts related to managing partnership dynamics, governance issues, institutional/systemic change, dealing with complexity, power, and conflict;

  3. Their awareness of the impact of values and personal style on their competence as facilitators of MSPs and partnerships.

In addition this training provides trainees with the latest trends in the field of collaborating for development and uses materials and practical examples/case studies from the daily work of the PRC and CDI. It also provides trainees with the opportunity to experience the dynamics of a real life partnership via role-play and reflect on your personal style and competencies for collaboration.