Applied Research

Applied Research

The Corporate Communication Centre is involved in many research initiatives to advance knowledge about corporate communication, reputations and employee alignment. Among these:

Building Business Reputation Monitor

The Building Business Reputation Monitor (BBRM), developed in conjunction with the Building Business magazine, measures and compares the reputation of firms in the construction and housing industry. Read more about BBRM.

EcQ® - RepTrakTM Alignment Monitor

The EcQ model has been developed by Prof. dr. Cees B.M. van Riel over the course of many years. Developing EcQ required the development of the Rotterdam Organisational Identification Test, a measure for identification employee communication and testing the EcQ-method in various companies on a worldwide scale. Read more about the RepTrakTM Alignment Monitor

RepTrak® Monitor

Reputation Institute is involved in a continuous effort project to measure and track the corporate reputations of companies around the world. The Global RepTrak Pulse measures the reputations of the world's largest companies by surveying consumers in 35 countries. In 2010, over 1,800 companies were rated by Reputation Institute, and we are actively examining the correlates of these reputational ratings. Read more about the RepTrakTM Pulse Study.

Tailor made projects

Our series of measures and methods related to Reputation Management and Corporate Communication is meant to give companies an idea of what the possibilities are. We always work closely with our clients to create tailor-made solutions to comply with their needs. Each project is therefore carefully planned with frequent feedback and reporting as desired. 
Prof. dr. Cees van Riel also holds in-company courses or management briefings.

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