RSM Leadership Summit 2015

RSM Leadership Summit 2015

Leadership survival kit: winning leadership skills for 2020 and beyond

Effective leadership skills evolve over time. A century ago, Henry Ford was a creative leader but a very strict one. Later, companies changed their outlooks to offer housing, education, and leisure, as a result of the changes in the way leaders run businesses. Employees are now encouraged to become intrapreneurs: they are creative and independent, and know how to reach their goals. Can you imagine what the future will bring?

Leadership is changing. This requires a transformation of leadership styles. So what leadership skills do you need if you want your business to thrive now, into the next decade, and beyond?

At the RSM Leadership Summit 2015, top business leaders and RSM’s world-class academics will share their perspectives on changing leadership skills. They will discuss how they adapt to changes such as:

  • the demand for gender-balanced leadership, organisational development and human resource management
  • managing external expectations such as sustainability and corporate social responsibility
  • dealing with social media, where everything is shared, magnified and reviewed
  • how to identify what changes are needed, and how to execute these changes.

Learn the winning leadership skills for 2020 and beyond. Discover what successful business leaders are packing in their leadership survival kits.

In addition, don’t miss the chance to explore the iconic Van Nelle Factory, and see Dutch TV journalist Twan Huys, who will moderate the event.

Join us at the 7th annual RSM Leadership Summit!

RSM Leadership Summit 2015
Friday 2 October, 13:30 - 17:30
Van Nelle Ontwerpfabriek Rotterdam

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