RSM Leadership Summit 2016

RSM Leadership Summit 2016

From me to we

What leadership competencies and behaviour makes us effective leaders? Join us at the RSM Leadership Summit 2016 to discover the pros and cons of top-down decision-making versus people-oriented leadership.

Is there a new kind of leadership? We’ll give you exclusive access to the perspectives of successful business leaders and world-class academics. They’ll give their views on the factors that determine how communal goals can be achieved, how to get people on board, whether or not to lead the way, how much influence to let employees have –and how to deal with this ‘freedom’.

Presentations from leading business professionals, and breakout sessions / roundtable discussions with RSM’s world-class academics and alumni will explore:

  • people as a success factor in business for companies driven by knowledge and skills
  • ways to profile your company’s goals with its carbon footprint and social factors in mind
  • which is better: setting goals and giving instructions, or ‘letting go’ and nudging your workforce to achieve in their own way?

Join us at the 8th annual RSM Leadership Summit 2016 on Friday 7 October in Rotterdam.

Do you want to get an impression of the Summit experience? Take a look at the video of the RSM Leadership Summit 2015.

RSM Leadership Summit 2015
RSM Leadership Summit 2015 Top business practitioners, RSM’s top academics, our valued alumni, and corporate connections came together at the Van Nelle Factory.
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