Printing, copying and scanning at EUR

Step 1: download the MyOrder App

Download the MyOrder app from your favorite App Store (Windows, Android, iOS) and create an account. (Dutch phone number required). Automatically a MiniTix wallet will be opened for you. You’ll find the wallet including your balance in the MyOrder app.

Step 2: open the MyOrder App

After you’ve opened the App you choose the category ‘Miscellaneous’ or ‘Overige’ and select ‘Erasmus Universiteit Rotterdam’ from the list or search for it using ‘Erasmus Universiteit Rotterdam’.

If you don’t have a smartphone you can top up your print credit at

Step 3: choose the amount of print credits you need

From the menu you choose ‘Print credits’. You can choose to add €5, €10, €15, €20 or €30 to your printing balance or a multiplication of the amount you choose (note that every transaction requires additional transaction costs of €0.30).  Choose ‘Bestel’ (‘Order’), fill out your student ID without and go to ‘Naar betalen’ (‘Payment’).

Step 4: choose your payment method

Choose one of the accepted payment methods (MiniTix, iDeal, PayPal or credit card) and follow the onscreen instructions. Your print credits are now added to your printing balance.

Step 5: printing

There are several options to print from:

  • Printing from EUR computers
    • Login on the PC with your ERNA Student ID (e.g and password > print the document. It will be sent to the print queue > Go to any Ricoh Follow Printer and login with your ERNA student ID > print the documents from the list of sent documents.
  • Printing from the Myprint.eur website
    • Go to > login with your ERNA Student ID > Browse and upload your documents > Go to any Ricoh Follow Printer to print.
  • Printing from a mobile phone/tablet
    • Download and install the app MyPrint by Ricoh. Available for free on Apple Store and the Android Appstore.
    • Choose server > fill in: > login > select document > print.
  • Installing printer on laptop/desktop PC (windows only)
    • Use Internet Explorer > > copy the Personal Print ID > Install printer > Open Control Panel > view Devices and Printers > right mouse click on Ricoh Follow printer > Printing Preferences > Details >Paste Personal Print ID > Press OK.
    • Print document and make sure the Ricoh Printer is selected.

Tips & Tricks

  • To check your printing balance go to At the top right of the screen you see your balance.
  • With the MyOrder App you can do more than buy print credits. You can even order a beer in some bars. There are over 11.000 locations that support payment via MyOrder. For more information visit: (Dutch site).

Price list

A4 B/W single sided € 0,050
A4 B/W double sided € 0,090
A4 color single sided € 0,150
A4 color double sided € 0,270
A3 B/W single sided € 0,100
A3 B/W double sided € 0,180
A3 color single sided € 0,300
A3 color double sided € 0,570
€ 0,030