FAQ for BSc and premaster students

FAQ for BSc and premaster students

For general questions, please see www.eur.nl/en/news-calendar/dossiers/corona.

For advice, contact the Service Desk: (010) 408 88 80 or contact form.

  • FAQ about BSA for first-year bachelor students

    Question: In which case will I receive a negative BSA?
    Only if you have failed all 3 exams of Block 1 (during both the regular exams in November 2019 and the re-sits in January 2020)  you will receive a negative BSA, meaning you may not continue with BA/IBA in September 2020. However if you have reported personal circumstances to the student advisers that have clearly affected your study results (to be supported by statements or other documents), your case can still be discussed in a meeting of the Examination Board and student advisers in August 2020. They might decide if there is sufficient reason to exempt you from a negative BSA.

    May I continue to year 2 of BA/IBA if I have not passed Mathematics/Wiskunde of Block 1 during the resits?
    Yes. If you have passed at least 1 out of 3 exams of Block 1 (during either the regular exams or re-sits in January 2020), your final BSA will be postponed until August 2021. So you will have one extra year to obtain all 60 credits of Bachelor 1.  If you pass your B1-courses sooner than August 2021, you will also receive your positive BSA sooner.

    Can I still get a negative BSA if I passed at least 1 course in block 1 but not every course in Block 2, 3 or 4 by August 2020?
    No. Due to the Corona crisis, your study progress in Block 2, 3 and 4 is not relevant for your postponed BSA. Even if you do not pass a single course in Block 2, 3 or 4 by August 2020, you may still continue to year 2.

    Is it wise to continue to year 2 if I have failed a number of B1-courses by the end of this year?
    Failing courses may have different reasons. You might have faced personal circumstances and reported those to the student advisers. Or you had difficulties motivating yourself for our bachelorprogramme or for the online courses. Perhaps there is no good fit between your capacity/interest in the programme and the requirements of the programme. If you have any doubts about the content and format of the bachelorprogramme and if you want to discuss a possible new programme, please contact our student advisers via their website: www.rsm.nl/studyadvice or contact the student counselors via: https://www.eur.nl/en/education/practical-matters/advice-counselling/student-counsellors/schedule-your-appointment

    What are the consequences for my studies if I do not pass all B1-courses this year?
    If you still want to finish your bachelor programme within 3 years, you might have troubles combining the first- and second-year workload if you have not passed all B1-courses by August 2020. Although Programme Management will make it possible to follow all necessary lectures and/or workshops of B1 and B2, it requires a lot of time and discipline to have a bigger than usual workload. Furthermore it might have consequences for your exchange application as one of the current selection criteria is having obtained all 60 EC from your first year (unless you reported serious personal circumstances to the student advisers).

    Can  I still compensate a B1-grade between 4.5 and 5.4 if complete my first year in the next academic year (2020/2021)?
    Yes it is still possible to use the compensation rule next year. More details about the compensation rule can be found on: https://www.rsm.nl/examination-board/frequently-asked-questions-faqs/faq-item/536-it-is-possible-to-compensate-an-insufficient-grade-from-my-bachelor-programme/

  • When can I return to campus?

    There is no definite date yet. For now, there will be no educational activities on campus.

    This means that there are no classes for now. However, your instructors, teachers, and tutors are preparing to teach all of your classes in Block 4, Trimester 6 and Trimester 9 online. We will issue regular updates about any changes, so please check your email, Canvas and SINOnline regularly to make sure you don’t miss them.

    Please keep checking EUR’s Coronavirus website for updates from the university: www.eur.nl/en/news-calendar/dossiers/corona

    For information about exams and re-sits, see below.

    When will my online classes start?

    We plan to start online classes as follows:

    • Trimester 6 and Trimester 9 classes

    These will start in week 14 (week of 30 March)

    • Block 4 classes

    These will start in week 15 (week of 6 April)

    We are preparing to offer all classes online from that date.

    Can I come to campus for these classes or should I do them online?

    All classes in Block 4, Trimester 6 and Trimester 9 will start online. Please be prepared to study all of your online classes from home. The study spaces on campus will remain closed until further notice.

    It might be possible to continue to follow a course completely online even when the campus is open again, but we don’t know that right now. We will tell you what’s possible in our updates.

    How do I follow courses online or collaborate with other students?

    This page of the EUR website tells you how to follow your courses online, and how to use virtual and online collaboration.

    Will Block 4, Trimester 6 and Trimester 9 courses be longer or shorter?

    They will take the same time as they would if you were in the classroom on campus.

    Can I see my online courses on the university timetables?

    We will tell you about the schedules for courses in Block 4, Trimester 6 and Trimester 9 in My Timetable, when those updates become available.

  • Even if events are not allowed on campus until further notice, will exams take place?
    Exams are not considered events and can take place on campus during the summer period if the situation allows.

    When will cancelled exams take place?
    We’re working on a new schedule right now. Please keep checking your EUR or student email, SINOnline and Canvas for our updates.

    When will Block 2 re-sits take place?
    We’re working on a new schedule right now. Please keep checking your email, SINOnline and Canvas for our updates.

    How will exam perusals take place?
    We’re working on a way to do this right now. Please keep checking your email, SINOnline and Canvas for our updates.

    How will final assessments take place?
    The way that you are assessed may change. In exceptional circumstances – such as this Coronavirus epidemic – examiners are allowed to adapt the assessment matrix of your courses. For example, if ‘participation’ is part of the assessment matrix, this element could be included within another testing method such as assignments or written tests.

    However, in every circumstance, we must assess you according to the Intended Learning Outcomes (ILOs) of each of your courses, and at least 60 per cent of your assessment must come from an individual test.

  • My course has a team assignment. Will this still happen?

    Team assignments will go ahead, unless the instructor says not. Your and your student group are still responsible for delivering the requested materials. You can do this by collaborating with your team members via Skype, Google Hangouts, Zoom, or another online meeting platform.

    My home environment is not ideal for studying there. How should I handle this?

    If it’s difficult for you to study online from home, please contact your study advisers to discuss this. They can advise you how to proceed. You can find their contact information here.

    What if I can’t return to campus before the end of the academic year?

    All classes in Block 4, Trimester 6 and Trimester 9 will be taught online. If you follow the courses online and gain the required ECs, you can pass the courses without being on campus. We will tell you about exams and re-sits in our updates, so lease keep checking your EUR or student email, SINOnline and Canvas.

    I need extra support like advice or counselling from the university. Where can I get it?

    Your study advisers and EUR counsellors can provide you with the support you need. You can contact them by telephone and mail.

    What is happening with the BSc Internship Fair happen of 15 April?

    The BSc Internship Fair will not happen at RSM. You will be able to find information about companies, including vacancies on the RSM Career Portal. Visit: https://www.rsm.nl/career-centre/rsm-career-portal/

    Are companies still hiring for internships and jobs?

    Yes, although some companies have a hiring freeze, others are still hiring. Especially in industries like online retail, pharma, Tech-communication companies are looking for talent. Strategy consultancy and Investment banks also continue hiring. For an overview of vacancies, please visit the RSM Career Portal

  • Short questions can be emailed:

    The study advisers are available by phone from Monday-Friday 09:30–11:30.