FAQ for MBA and Executive Education students

FAQ for MBA and Executive Education students

Please find the answers to the frequently asked questions about our MBA programmes and Executive Education below. 

  • I am unable to sit for the GMAT/GRE due to test centre closures; can I still apply and be admitted to the Full-time MBA programme?

    Yes. In response to the closure of GMAT/GRE test centres around the world, we are offering applicants several alternatives to taking the GMAT/GRE as part of the admissions process. Please contact one of our regional admissions managers today for more information.

    Am I still able to speak to someone in Marketing & Admissions about RSM’s MBA programmes or my application/how to apply?

    Yes! For the time being we are not allowed to travel to meet you in person, but we are still conducting MBA consultation sessions via Skype. Reach out to one of our Admissions Managers to or visit our events page to schedule a time to speak today!

  • All classes will be cancelled from 16-31 March, will there be replacement lessons? 

    At the moment, no. We are working very closely with faculty to revise the content of each course and will share this with you once we know more.  

    What is RSM going to do about the lost learning/knowledge during the suspension? Will this affect me from graduating?  

    Currently all ECTS will remain unchanged for all your courses, the only possibility will be the workload (more readings, articles) will be changed.  

    What happens to already scheduled assignment deadlines? 

    We will reassess these deadlines with our faculty as we expect some changes in the course outlines and in the assignments as well. 

    If we wish to come to campus for a team meeting, is this allowed? 

    All study places and restaurants on the Woudestein campus will be closed from Monday, 16 March. In addition, the sports building on the Woudestein campus is also closed, other buildings remain open for activities of the teaching staff. Students are discouraged to come to campus and are strongly advised to study at home. 

    What about  the books for term 2? 

    Since you are not allowed on campus we are now arranging eBooks for you all. As soon as we have the licenses you will receive a link from the MBA office. 

    What if I have a career coaching on campus during this time? 

    Please check with our Career Center office. At the moment, all coaching sessions will be done online, unless the coach and student agree otherwise.  

    What should I do if I am ill? 

    Should you have mild symptoms, please stay home and inform the Full-Time MBA programme office. Should your symptoms persist or should you experience more severe symptoms, please contact your doctor. Should you not have a doctor yet, you can consult this document on Canvas for an overview of local doctors and pharmacies. 

    I would like to go back to my home country for the duration of school closure. Is this advised? 

    Please notify the FT MBA office if you are traveling outside of the Netherlands. Keep in mind that we are planning on going back to regular classes as soon as possible, and keep in mind that we don’t know which travel restrictions may be in place at the point of your return. 

    What can we do during this time until 1 April, when we start online classes? 

    Canvas courses are open, and various readings are already available. Feel free to browse through those. However, please beware that faculty are currently working on restructuring classes in order to give you the best learning experience possible in this situation. This means that course outlines and assignments may be modified. 

  • What will happen for EMBA21 weekend 20/21 March? 

    This EMBA weekend will not take place.  Please cancel your travel plans and hotel reservations for this weekend. 

    How will EMBA21 students make up for the missed learning 20/21 March weekend? 

    The MBA Programme Office is currently looking into different solutions for this and will communicate details to all students affected as soon as a decision has been made. 

    Will the EMBA weekend 3/4 April take place for EMBA20 & EMBA21? 

    Currently all “live” education is cancelled until at least 6 April.  This EMBA weekend will not take place.  Please cancel your travel plans and hotel reservations for this weekend. 

    Will missing these EMBA weekends impact on our attendance?  

    As the EMBA weekend cancellation is due to Dutch Government guidelines, missing 20/21 weekend will not impact on your attendance. 

    What about assignment deadlines? Will they still take place as normal? 

    Currently all assignments can be completed remotely and uploaded to Canvas as usual, so the EMBA office will not be extending any deadlines for March/April unless there are personal extenuating circumstances. 

    Will lessons move online instead? 

    The MBA Programme Office is currently assessing the most efficient way to make up for missing in-class learning. This needs to be a method that is adaptable for various faculty and courses, and we are currently working hard to reach a solution that is realistic and suitable for all. 

    I have been/am based in an area that has been heavily affected by the Coronavirus – what should I do? 

    Please follow the Governmental advice from the country that you are based in.  You should also already be receiving informative emails from EUR with more advice.  We are currently bound to follow the orders of the Dutch government.  

  • How are current OneMBA programmes effected?

    Following the most recent developments and official instructions - no on-campus classes will be taking place until -at least- 6 April.

    The OneMBA programme office will keep participants informed about alternatives that are currently being explored through its regular communication channels.

  • Do Executive Education  Open Programmes still take place?

    Most programmes will take place online until 1 March 2021. If you registered for a programme that is scheduled to take place after 1 March 2021, we cannot guarantee a face-to-face delivery format at this point in time.  

    At the very minimum, we adhere to the measures by the Dutch government to assure your health and safety, but might move to a virtual classroom delivery proactively. Also, if the future situation does not allow for face-to-face programme delivery, we will notify you that your registration will transfer to participation in a ‘virtual classroom’ version of the same programme that you have registered for. If you do not wish to participate in the virtual version of the programme, please tell us as soon as possible via openprogrammes@rsm.nl

    Virtual classroom information 

    Our virtual classrooms deliver the exact same programme content, and have been designed to deliver an optimal learning experience. The online programme is split into modules over a period of time 

    Virtual classroom information 

    Our virtual classrooms deliver the exact same programme content, and have been designed to deliver an optimal learning experience. The online programme is split into modules over a period of time 

    In the virtual classroom, you can: 

    • ask the facilitator questions 
    • connect with peers online; discussion and engagement is a vital part of learning, and is encouraged, stimulated and facilitated in the virtual classroom 
    • interact with your fellow participants via group assignments in virtual breakout rooms.


  • For graduating MBA20 & EMBA19 cohorts: as of when can I use my title?
    As from 20 March 2020 you can officially use your MBA degree

    For graduating MBA20 & EMBA19 cohorts. When will I receive my diploma documents?
    In the next few weeks we will be working on at least providing you with scans of your diploma. In a later stage we will provide you with the hardcopies of your diploma documents, be it at the postponed graduation ceremony, an in person pick up moment, or via registered mail. Currently it seems not sensible to rely on postal services.

    Current cohorts: When will I receive my grades?
    Under normal circumstances we issue grades four to six weeks after your final exams. We hope this is still feasible.

  • RSM MBA Career Coaching

    Will I be able to have a Career Coaching session?

    MBA20: Yes, these sessions will be via Microsoft Teams

    MBA21: These individual sessions will start later this year, feel free to e-mail your coach or use mbacareers@rsm.nl for specific questions

    RSM EMBA Career Coaching.

    Will I be able to have a Career Coaching session?

    If you have an RSM Career Coach, your sessions will continue online. Please contact your RSM Career Coach to arrange the best suitable online tool.

    If you do not yet have a career coach but like to have a session, please contact Joep Elemans, Director RSM Career Centre via mail jelemans@rsm.nl or phone +31622410485

    Individual Leadership Coaching

    Will I be able to have an Individual Leadership Coaching session?

    EMBA & OneMBA: Yes, these sessions will continue online.

    Alumni Insights

    Will the Alumni insight on 7 (Philips) and 21 (Unilever) April happen?

    Both events are postponed to a later date, more information will follow soon.

    What will happen with the workshop Interview Strategy and Storytelling by Nicolas Constantinesco on 15 May?

    This workshop will be delivered online. More information will follow soon.