FAQ for MSc students

FAQ for MSc students

For General Questions and information for the entire university community, please refer to https://www.eur.nl/corona

Students can contact the Service Desk for advice via: T : (010) 408 88 80 or contact form

Master education in the spring semester 2021-2022

  • How is RSM delivering education in the master programmes in the spring?

    On-campus education is possible again, but regulations regarding group size may be subject to changes, depending on the pandemic situation. As of November 2021, we need to revert to a maximum of 75 students per classroom. In case there are larger courses, some educational activities will be offered in a blended or hybrid format or fully online. Students are informed about the delivery mode in their individual course via the course Canvas pages.

    What’s the difference between ‘hybrid’ and ‘blended’ education?

    In hybrid education, some students are physically present during a given face-to-face in-class session, while some are participating in the same session synchronously, though remotely, e.g. via Zoom or Panopto. Blended education means that some course elements (or parts of the programme) are taught online, either live or via video recordings, and the other parts in the classroom (including hybrid classrooms).

    Do students have the choice to follow their programme remotely in the spring?

    In principle, we expect students to participate in their programmes and take their examinations on campus. Students who are not able to travel to the Netherlands/Rotterdam due to COVID-related issues and who have received formal exemption (via the study advisers or Osiris Zaak) have an option to follow their courses online in the Spring 2022 semester. Online options may include classes (e.g., via live stream and/or video recordings), group work (e.g., the opportunity to meet with fellow students via Zoom or MS Teams), as well as assessments and exams (e.g., take-home assessments and/or online exams).

    Students who have Covid symptoms and/or have a positive (self-) test result and are therefore excluded from on-campus education to prevent viral spread can also make use of the online facilities for the duration of their quarantine. Please inform your programme manager and course instructor in case of an acute infection.

    Are all lectures recorded?

    RSM has committed to providing online alternatives in the Fall 2021 semester. Whether course content is livestreamed on a specific date/time or provided as a recording to watch at a later moment is at the discretion of the course instructor. Students can consult the Canvas page or the course instructor of their course for information.

    Are guest lectures taking place on campus?

    The extent to which guest lectures take place and whether those lectures take place on campus or online is at the discretion of the programmes and their instructors as well as potential restrictions regarding group size. In some cases, it may be more efficient and more sustainable to host an online guest lecture than to have the guest speaker travelling long distances for a limited assignment.

    Are tutorials available on campus?

    Tutorials may at times take place on campus, but that possibility depends on each programme and course instructor and the availability of classrooms.

    For those students located in a different (distant) time zone who have received approval to attend the sessions remotely, what is the schedule for online classes?

    The course schedule is the same for all the students participating in a given course; the Central European Time zone is leading. Course schedules are accessible via timetables.eur.nl.

    What does the academic year look like?

    An overview of the Academic Calendar 2021-2022 is available here .

    Do professors have online or offline office hours?

    There is no specific policy regarding professors’ office hours, whether on- or offline. Kindly check with the professor(s) for specific details and possibilities. Unless explicitly permitted, please refrain from simply walking into anyone’s office without an appointment. Even if you know they are present, please make an appointment first.

    How can I contact MSc Programme Management?

    The MSc Programme Management team is still largely working from home. The best way to contact your programme manager is via the relevant contact form. You can access it via this link.

    Does Programme Management have online or offline office hours?

    Programme Management does not have structural office hours. Additionally, the MSc Programme Management Team is currently working from home and not present in the office nor reachable by phone. If you would like to contact Programme Management, you can do so via the form available at this link.

  • Will exams take place on campus?

    In principle, exams will take place in the exam hall on campus, however COVID regulations with distancing or maximum numbers may impact the number of exam spots on campus. In some cases, an (external) alternative to the exam hall may be arranged. Only those students who have received an exemption – specifically for COVID-related reasons and who are therefore not able to be present in the exam hall – may take a remote exam. Online proctoring may or may not apply, depending on the type of exam. Students with an exemption from taking the exam on campus will be informed in due time about the mode of examination and the required preparations in a given case.

    What is online proctoring and does EUR use it?

    EUR uses online proctoring of written exams; more information about online proctoring at EUR/RSM can be found here.

  • Are there social platforms to meet fellow students in the master programmes?

    Yes, STAR (the Study Association of RSM) currently coordinates Facebook and WhatsApp groups per programme and also hosts events on and off campus for master students. Students may contact STAR for information via their website.

    Will there be a physical graduation ceremony for students graduating in 2022?

    We are planning for face-to-face graduation ceremonies  for MSc graduates in 2022, but details will depend on pandemic regulations. Graduating students will be kept informed via e-mail and information will also be provided online closer to the date. Students who wish to participate in the graduation ceremony are advised to register by the advertised deadline, as late registrations can't be processed under any circumstances.

  • Will individual meetings with instructors/programme managers/study advisers take place on campus or online?

    It is up to the student and the respective staff member to decide if they want to meet on campus or online. There may be cases where one or the other type of interaction is more suitable. Please note that in case of face-to-face meetings, all the involved parties should agree to participate and follow the respective guidelines. Please refrain from walking into someone’s office without having an appointment, even if you see/ know they are present.

  • Will thesis meetings with coaches and/or co-readers take place on campus or online?

    Meetings between student and thesis coach as well as the thesis defence should preferably take place on campus. Meetings with co-readers may take place remotely, particularly if the co-reader is not located in the Rotterdam region. Ultimately, tt is up to the student and the respective coach/co-reader to decide if they want to meet on campus or online for feedback meetings and the thesis defence. There may be cases where one or the other is the more suitable manner.

    Will the thesis defence be in person?

    The thesis defence should preferably take place on campus, unless there are pressing reasons for it to take place online. In case the thesis defence takes place online, the student needs to be clearly and completely visible for the thesis committee. There is no need for approval from Examination Board to conduct the thesis defence online.

  • When do I have to test for coronavirus?

    If you have no symptoms, it is strongly encouraged that you self-test twice a week when you come to campus. This recommendation also applies to persons who are fully vaccinated. The Dutch government has made free rapid tests (two per week) available to all students and employees of Dutch universities. These test kits can be ordered via https://www.zelftestonderwijs.nl/.

    If you self-test positive, please do not come to campus, and have a PCR test done at an official test location. Please visit the website of the Rotterdam Regional Health Service (GGD Rotterdam-Rijnmond) for information on where and how to get tested in Rotterdam (website in Dutch, but can be run through Google Translate).

    If you do have symptoms, please do not come to campus, and get a PCR test done at an official test location. Please visit the website of the Rotterdam Regional Health Service (GGD Rotterdam-Rijnmond) for information on where and how to get tested in Rotterdam (website in Dutch, but can be run through Google Translate). If the PCR test is negative, you may come to campus. If the PCR test is positive, you quarantine at home for 10 days and follow any other indications provided by the Rotterdam Regional Health Service (GGD Rotterdam-Rijnmond). Alternatively, you can take another PCR test at an official test location after 5 days; if that test result is negative, you can end your quarantine and come to campus again, provided that your health allows.

    Here is a graphic overview to help you take the correct course of action:

    Where can I get vaccinated?

    You can find an overview of vaccination locations at: https://prikkenzonderafspraak.rijksoverheid.nl/en/.

    Where can I find out about current COVID-19 measures in place in the Netherlands/at EUR?

    Updated information is available both on the website of the Dutch National Institute for Public Health and the Environment (RIVM), as well as on the Dutch Government website (both sites available in English). You can find the current campus protocol on the EUR website.

    What are the rules for students admitted to the master on the basis of soft-cut admission?

    Students who began their master programme in the academic year 2020-2021 or who are beginning in 2021-2022 and who have not yet completed their Bachelor programme must ensure that they complete their Bachelor courses and obtain their Bachelor diploma before August 2022. Otherwise, they will not be able to graduate from the master programme (even if all master courses have been successfully completed) nor will they be able to continue with a second year of study for their master programme.


    Student housing in the Netherlands is not arranged for you by the university or faculty; it is rather your own responsibility to secure housing. You can find information about housing options on this website. There is also a specific webpage containing FAQ’s about Housing and COVID-19. Please be prepared for your search to take some time as the demand for housing in Rotterdam is generally high. Please also be cautious in your search and particularly vigilant for fraudulent rental advertisements/advertisers.

    If you have difficulties with finding housing, you are advised to send an email to housing@eur.nl or studenthousing@eur.nl.


    You can find EUR’s FAQ regarding facilities here (scroll down to “Campus,” “Buildings,” and “Hygiene.”) This page is updated regularly.

    Are the study spaces in the library open/available?

    Study spaces in the University Library and in the Polak Building are open, but it is necessary to reserve a study space beforehand. You can reserve your study spot on Woudestein campus here. Please always refer to the university’s library’s website to clarify what services are being offered, and what services may otherwise be affected by active COVID-19 measures.

    Which on-campus facilities are open/available?

    Most campus facilities have reopened. You can consult the full list of open facilities here.

    What guidelines are in place on campus to maintain safety and hygiene?

    Please refer to the EUR COVID-19 dossier for full details on campus rules.