General instructions for RSM EUR staff

On this page, you can find general information for all staff.

If you have a RSM laptop, you can work from home. Please note that if you use applications that are not accessible when outside of the campus, you can use EduVPN's "Institutional access" option to access these. Please read about EduVPN below.

If you do not have a RSM laptop, you can use any computer, in combination with the EUR Remote Desktop.


  • As of the 13th of March, the university is communicating concerning the availability and usability of Microsoft Teams. Instructions can be found on Teams Chat and Presence.

    It is important to note that only limited usability is available, due to an upcoming technical migration of our e-mail server. We will keep you updated about when Teams is fully available as described in the EUR documentation.

    Questions about using Teams? EUR is ready for you.

    EUR has created a support team in Teams. You can find this team in Microsoft Teams via the left menu bar, click on teams and then support team. You can ask questions about the use of Teams via chat.

    The Service Desk is of course also available to you by e-mail and telephone.

    (010) 408 88 80

  • RSM has purchased Zoom licences. This is controlled by the IMC department. If you need to be a host in order to arrange online meetings, please email

    Zoom is usable for interactive sessions with up to 300 participants. Staff members can become Zoom hosts that can invite others to join in online meetings. Screen sharing and recording are offered as well. If you have any specific requests, please contact


    Using the Zoom client software is advised for staff, it offers more functionality than using Zoom via a web browser only.

    • For @wEURk devices, Zoom is available in the Software Center.
    • For non @Weurk devices: install from here:
    • For mobile applications, please check the corresponding app stores. Mobile applications are not advised for teaching purposes.


    For meetings, Zoom allows you to download an Outlook calendar link after scheduling a meeting which you can share with participants. Please change the subject of the Zoom meeting accordingly.

    Joining or hosting a Zoom meeting can also be done using your web browser only, with reduced functionality:

    A generic PDF guide on how to set up and use Zoom can be found here. 

    The general FAQ from Zoom can be found on the Zoom website.

  • EduVPN can be used to access applications that are protected from access from outside the campus.

    You can install EduVPN using the below links:

    • @wEURk machines can choose EduVPN in the client software center
    • Other devices can find the client here.

    Instructions on how to use EduVPN can be found here.

  • If you have an EUR landline and you want to be available on that number, you can forward the calls to another phonenumber.

    Go to and login using your ERNA.

    Select call forwarding in the menu on the left side. Select the tickbox and then “add a new number” in the dropbox. When entering your phonenumber, please add an extra ‘0’ to the number. Example 00104088880 for the EUR IT Servicedesk.

    Please note that call forwarding is always active and cannot be scheduled. When you finish working, switch call forwarding back to voicemail or remove the forwarding as a whole.