Feedbackfruits tools in Canvas

Feedbackfruits tools in Canvas

There are multiple add-ons from Feedbackfruits you can use to improve your online education. These tools are focused on improving feedback and increasing interaction with your students. To use one of these tools, you must set them up in Canvas. Use the following guide to learn how to set up an external tool in Canvas:

We advise using the following tools for your education:


To provide your student with feedback, you can make use of the peer feedback module. This will provide them will valuable feedback. A best practice is to set up a peer feedback assignment to let students give each other feedback on a draft of their assignments, before handing in the final version of the assignment via Canvas. This way, the quality of assignments should significantly improve, and students will learn from giving and receiving feedback on their work.


Group member evaluation

If you want to have online group work done, it becomes even more important to check if everyone contributed equally to the group work. With this tool, you are able to make a rubric with criteria for your students, which they can then use to rate their group members on different aspect. This way, you can check for the contribution of each group member to the group work.


Interactive document and video

With the interactive document and video, you can provide interaction with static material such as articles and video. You can ask questions which students have to answer before they can continue watching or reading the video or document. You can also let students collaborate within videos and documents using the comments option.

  • How to set up an interactive document:

  • How to set up an interactive video:

  • See this video for more information: