Recording on campus

Recording on campus

Record your lecture on campus in a lecture room (only for lectures in a lecture hall with recording facilities)

If you can come to campus and if you are in a lecture hall with recording facilities, please record, even if there are no students present. Check this link to see if your lecture hall has recording facilities: NB: It is only possible to record lectures in the Theil building and in the Aula, as all other buildings on campus are currently closed.

As of Monday 16 March 2020 no application form is needed for the mediasite recorders in the lecture halls with a recording facilities. All lectures will be recorded. Please make sure that your lecture is booked via the room and facility bookings ( If you need to use the visualizer, an additional request by email to the media support center ( is needed to assure that also the visualizer will be recorded. 

When the recording is finished, the Learning Innovation team gets access to a link to the recording (direct access to these links for teachers is not possible at the moment). The link will be sent to you as soon as possible (within three days), so you can share the link via Canvas with the students. 


  • A picture or smiley on the first-row seat can help focus when you record or stream a lecture in an empty lecture hall.
  • Allow yourself to be human; speak as if you are engaged in face-to-face conversation. Need some time to get over the discomfort of your first online class? Just say so! You’re in this together. Also, small errors or ‘euhs’ make for more natural video or meetings than perfectly narrated text.