Self-recording with Panopto

Self-recording with Panopto

Make a recording with Panopto from home or campus

Panopto is a tool for self-recording. You can record a lecture or short video from home/the office. You can choose between video, slides, and just audio. 

The tool is available in the EUR Client Center, and (soon to be) integrated in Canvas.



Download Instruction manual

Instruction videos can be found at


  • Decide on the structure of your recording in advance. Though a full script may not be necessary, having a brief agenda with topics and/or a slide deck helps. If your video is a demonstration (e.g., a software or technique tutorial) you want to have a plan on what to show, where to click, and what to say.
  • Talking to a screen or camera can be a strange experience. Put a picture or smiley next to the camera to remind you to look at the ‘audience’ occasionally.
  • In general, you don’t want videos to extend 5 minutes. However, when recording a slide deck in Panopto, headers and timestamps are automatically included. You can thus record a long video, and students can easily navigate through it based on (the headers of) your slides.