This event is expired since Wednesday, 5 June 2019 .

Alumni Masterclass in Cologne

Join our alumni evening in Cologne to network with the RSM community, to hear the latest from around the alumni network, and to contribute to management science with a masterclass on shared leadership that will actually use a model of shared leadership to make it work. 


18:30 Registration

19:00 Update from RSM by Sue Martin, Director of RSM’s Corporate and Alumni Relations department

19:30 Masterclass by RSM’s Prof Steffen Giessner: Leadership in the plural – the tension in teams between hierarchies and sharing leadership 

20:30 Networking drinks and snacks.

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More about this masterclass:
Leadership in the plural – the tension in teams between hierarchies and sharing leadership 

This masterclass – at the forefront of academic research into leadership – will actually become an example of the phenomenon under discussion! 

Professor of organisational behaviour and personnel management Steffen Giessner will ask for your experiences of sharing leadership around members of a team, “because I don’t have all the answers,” he said. 

This idea of sharing leadership makes full use of individual competencies. He explains more:

“ING has recently introduced ‘squads’ and ‘tribes’ into its organisation; it means there is no longer any real hierarchy. A few companies, such as the footwear company Zappos, follow the extreme idea of holacracy – complete self-organisation without leadership.

While there is research in this field, it seems that practice is ahead of science. Companies are applying horizontal leadership before much research has been published. 

I will summarise the few academic insights, and outline what we know from:

• A leading logistics company with a matrix structure involving two leaders 

• A Dutch national sports organisation representing teams of leading figures.

I will also outline why ‘taking the lead’ and granting ‘permission to lead’ are both important individual features to allow ‘leadership in the plural’ to work. But what are potential problems for leadership in the plural?”

Prof. Giessner is counting on your insights, stories, and approaches to managing leadership in the plural for a full and rewarding masterclass.