This event is expired since Wednesday, 26 June 2019 .

Webinar – The OneMBA Experience

During this webinar you will find out more about our 21-month Global Executive OneMBA programme. The webinar will be presented to you by OneMBA admissions staff.

OneMBA is a unique global executive MBA programme carefully designed by 5 premier international business schools located around the world including Brazil, China, Mexico, The Netherlands and the United States. Not only are you engaged in your chosen “home” school business environment, but you also explore the challenges and opportunities facing developed and emerging economies on your four sister school continents. In fact, you work alongside “classmates” in far-flung virtual teams. You don’t just read about multicultural experiences and perspectives; you live them. Our prestigious global Executive MBA consortium provides real-world credibility differentiating us from other programmes available today. Sign up to find out more.