This event is expired since Monday, 18 November 2019 .

RSM Milan Joint Business School Ball 2019

We are pleased to announce that RSM will be one of the partner schools of the Third Milan Joint Business School Ball that will take place on Saturday 16 of November 2019 at the Hotel Palazzo Parigi.

The event is organized every year by a group of 4 MBA alumni that includes RSM alumni Mariaclara Celati and Philip Lloyd.

“We are very grateful to RSM for their continued support for the Milan Joint Business School Ball. We’ve seen the number of participants from RSM increase year on year putting the school firmly in the Top 3 schools by turnout.”

Mariaclara Celati, FT MBA 2013

The dress code for the event is strictly black tie for men and long gown for the ladies. To help our guests prepare the perfect look for the evening the Committee has partnered with men’s bespoke tailor Sartoria Deplano, Guffanti Concept and DressYouCan.

“We are delighted to be able to present our guests and contacts with an array of Italian “excellences” that include a historical men’s tailor founded in 1927 [Sartoria Deplano], the leading provider of women’s fashion for rent [DressYouCan] as well as access to the annual private sale organized by Guffanti Concept in its flagship multi-brand showroom in Central Milan.” Philip Lloyd, FT MBA 2011

On top of our Ball “classics” that include the aperitif with Adamas Luxury Italian Caviar and Campari cocktails, guests will also have the possibility to try out different rare whisky and rum bottlings provided by independent spirits purveyor Valinch & Mallet.

To find out more about the Ball and buy your tickets, please visit the event’s official website

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